Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can't touch this...

Woo hoo! Go Eli, show us whatchu got!

Well folks, this post is going to be the last one for a while. My lap top bit the dust and my hubby talked me into getting a Mac. The problem with this is I use Windows Live Writer to do my blog posts (because doing the post IN Blogger BLOWS! I'm doing it right now for this post and already I'm about to shoot myself in the face.) Well I can't use that program with my Mac so if any of you are super computer savvy and want to help me transition to a new one compatible with a Mac, I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever. Until that day, so long my lovies. It's been a blast!

**Sniffle, sniffle**


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My smart kiddo…

This is a very fun age (16 months) when he is starting to use more words and understands SO much! I just took this video today (for you grandma):

I freakin’ love that kid.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick update and funny story…

So the hubs and I just got back from Disney world today, sans kiddo. It was nice. Now before you get all crazy on me because I didn’t bring a kid to DISNEY WORLD, let me explain. Aaron went on business and I invited myself to tag along he lovingly said it just wouldn’t be the same going to Disney without his lady..**cough**, and asked that I go with. Now how can I turn down an offer like that??? (And that’s God’s honest truth how it went down ) Smile with tongue out.

Anyways after many days of thinking this over and doing a trial run with a one night trip to the Dells with Eli and realizing how much work it was going to be toting a running,don’t-want-to-sit-still-longer-than-a-nano-second toddler to a place that is not home, aka “baby-proofed”, I realized it was best for me to leave him at home with his favorite person, Grandma. (Do you believe me now when I say she’s the BEST grandma in the whole wide world???) I’ll just wait until he’s older to bring him with. Also by waiting, he may actually remember it and enjoy it then. That one overnighter to the Dells was a nightmare that I was not quite ready to repeat for a whole 5 days alone! (Remember Aaron wouldn’t be available to help me because he was there for business.) So Super grandma and Grandpa took him for the week (spoiled him rotten no doubt) and this momma had some relaxation time. Glorious!

Onto the part about my funny story. Let me just first say how much a kid GROWS and changes in just 5 days! WTH! He seems so much older to me. Waaah! Anyways, so tonight at dinner, Eli is finishing up his cut up lasagna (eating it all by himself with a forkSmile), when he sees me eating a piece of chocolate and starts reaching and begging for it. I go and grab him one of his little cookies which he devours in no time and starts reaching/begging for another one which I begrudgingly give him. Finally he keeps this little business up after finishing that second cookie and I say, “ok Eli, you’re all done. You’ve had enough cookies. No more.” He immediately shuts up, closes his mouth and looks down like I just hurt his feelings. I’m like “what is he doing??” Meanwhile, I see him keeping his head down in a pout, while looking up under his eyelashes at me. What?!? Am I being schmoozed right now??? He gives a big sigh, while still keeping his eyes down cast, so I look at Aaron astonished, saying “I can’t believe he is working me like this” and I give him another cookie. Eli snatches the cookie out of my hand with lightning speed and gives Aaron the biggest Ha!-is-she-EASY-or-what?!? grin and starts laughing!!! I’m not even joking! When did he learn to manipulate?!?!? You should have seen the 3 of us all laughing so hard after that! Aaron says to me, “I blame that entirely on grandma!”

Oh mooooommmm, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to doooooo….

So that was my story Smile. You really had to be there. Here’s a pic of my little manipulator guy wearing his new Mickey hat:

photo (51)

This one is a little blurry, lets try another one:

photo (52)

It’s hard getting a pic of a moving target. Oh well.

Ok, that’s all for now. I figured I was due to check in since it had been awhile. Na Nights.