Friday, June 29, 2012

Our one year photoshoot…

My super talented cousin Julie was in town and I managed to snag her in the midst of her world travels (seriously, one day she’s in Elgin, next in Port Au Prince Haiti, no joke) to shoot Eli’s first birthday photos. I’m SO excited to show them to you after Eli’s birthday party on Sunday. Until then, here’s a sneak peak:



Thanks Jules! You are seriously AWESOME!Smile.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

My little Frankenstein :)

So I’m considering having my son audition to be the next frankenstein. We’ve been practicing, check out his skills:

Wow, did you see that look he gave me for accidently tripping him?? Ha ha. Simmer down now child.

I’m just kidding, no auditions Winking smile. That’s my kiddo learning to walk. Sigh. This little guy has been a lean mean walking MACHINE today! I am thoroughly entertained watching him stand up, start toddling, and then have to correct his balance every other step. I find myself shifting my weight in an attempt to help him out, ha ha Smile.

I told my sister that he’d be walking by the time she got back from her vacation in Punta Cana. I was right!

Now excuse me while I go grab my running shoes to keep up with this kid.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

My son cleans…


My son cleans up his toys in his room…


The view behind his chair…

…Either that or this is what the early signs of a hoarder looks like :/ I suggest if you are ever at my house and find yourself short a phone, watch, sock, cup or even a pair of goggles, looking behind his chair before reporting it missing. I’m just sayin’.

Oh, and Happy father’s day to all you “true” dads out there. You know who you are.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby steps…

The last few days Eli has really done a lot of “walking” (meaning 3-4 solo steps, without help.) Its funny to watch because he clearly has no clue he’s doing it, it just happens. I’m waiting for that “lightbulb” to go off in his little noggin when he’ll realize what those 2 little things attached to the bottom of his legs will allow him to do Smile. Daddy and I were encouraging him to take steps to either one of us and we’d cheer when he’d venture away from his trusty piece of furniture that holds him steady, so I think he’s starting to put two and two together.

Here are a couple of video clips of him teetering on his feet all by himself. Daddy lured him away from his toy chest by holding my highly coveted headband in his mouth. That got him movin’! Ha ha! Sneaky, sneaky sir (the remote was unavailable). The second video, Eli has it in his mouth. Weirdos Winking smile.

Here’s the second short clip Smile

How come when an adult walks while drunk I get annoyed, but when a baby walks like he’s 3 sheets to the wind I can’t stop grinning?? Does  it GET any CUTER than the drunken baby swagger?!? I think not.

Ok, the baby sleeps, back to studying Sad smile.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello? Is this thing on??

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I’ve been preoccupied with cooking (weird!) and studying for my medsurg certification that’s, gulp, this  week Sad smile.

I DID complete a sewing project on my to-do list although it’s an incredibly boring yet very functional and very needed project. Yay me for FINALLY sewing some black-out fabric to the backs of his white and incredibly bright curtains in his room. This allowed me to take down my ghetto green blanket precariously pinned behind said white-bright curtains, and therefor be able to open and close them to let sunshine in! It was an all or nothing deal with the pinning of the blanket so it was constantly dark in his room and not really a very inspiring place to playSad smile. I NEED sunshine but with it not getting dark until 9pm these days, I couldn’t expect Eli to willingly go na-nights with bright sun shining in his face, hence the dark, drab room until momma could get her butt in gear and take care of those shades. Phew, I feel so relieved! Ok so the point of that whole paragraph was to say that now it’s the perfect place to have play time in because its 99% baby proofed and baby friendly Smile. So when we aren’t running errands or outside going for strolls, this is our play ground. Here’s a super short video of Eli playing. I just LOVE his cheesy grins! (Is it wrong that I wanna giggle when he totally biffs it trying to crawl away??)

Sigh. I needed that. Now back to the time sucking task of studying for my big test this week. Groan. I’d rather get in First-birthday-party planning mode. Waah!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

My baby is ELEVEN months old!

eleven month photoshoot 031

Handmade tie-dyed onesie compliments of our swimming buddy Nick and his momma Jacque.

Ahhhhh! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! Now I’m feeling pressured to plan and organize his first birthday party. I think I’ve settled on June 23rd, so mark your calendars until this momma can get her butt in gear and send out invites.

Well this little guy…ahem, BIG boy, is really starting to look so grown up! I am taking pictures regularly of him hamming it up and baring all his teeth and if it wasn’t for him looking bald with his platinum blonde hair, he’d look like a toddler! I can’t get over it.

eleven month photoshoot 018

eleven month photoshoot 022

eleven month photoshoot 023

eleven month photoshoot 025

Stands solo.

Size: Still my string bean. I feel like he’s getting taller so he’s consistently in 12m clothes but he has such a tiny waist that 9 month pants fit the best, except he looks like he’s ready for a flood :/ So I end up putting him in 12m pants and rolling the waist band and we get along fine. Not sure how much he weighs, we’ll find out next month at his well visit.

Likes: Eating! Speed crawling from one side of the room to the other as fast as he can, figuring out new ways to outsmart momma by getting past the baby gait, climbing, sniffing his blankie (mom, maybe this is a hereditary trait seeing as how this is the 3rd generation to be “sniffers”..?), puffed cereal and cheerios, playing with mommy’s belly button (** see video below), wrestling with daddy, pulling stuff out of drawers and giving kisses.

Dislikes: Still despises being changed (diaper and clothes) and having his face and hands cleaned after feeding himself. He doesn’t like wearing his sun glasses, or when people eat in front of him and don’t share.

Feeding: Still going strong in the nursing department but eats full meals regularly as well. He continues to eat anything I give him but is particularly fond of those foods that he can pick up and eat on his own. Interestingly, I’ve noticed he consistently eats with his left hand. I know you can’t tell hand preference until they are 2ish but I watch for it each meal and he always grabs food with his left (after grabbing a fistful of “reserve” in his right for safe keeping of course.) We’ll see if this changes when we introduce silverware Winking smile.

Sleeping: He sleeps 12-13 hours at night. We are up for the day at 8am after going to bed around 7pm (this time fluctuates to 8pm if he takes a super long nap in the afternoon or we have evening plans) He now naps from 10a-12p every day and usually about 1 hr at 3pm (although this nap doesn’t come as easily.)

Milestones: Nothing really new in this department. As far as I can tell no more teeth have sprouted (the back of his mouth is hard to see) and he’s just mainly mastered his previous skills. I have seen him take a few steps while pushing his hamper bucket along the floor, but no solo steps yet.

eleven month photoshoot 040

eleven month photoshoot 041

eleven month photoshoot 049

eleven month photoshoot 052

eleven month photoshoot 057

Eli popped the lenses out so we had to get a pic Smile

A new game Eli likes to play is make-momma-gag-by-sticking-my-finger-in-her-belly button. Ick. I can’t stand my belly button being touched. It seriously makes me want to hurl. (Just thinking about it is making me nauseous, bleh!) So naturally when I gagged, Eli found it hysterical. Here’s a short video of him getting a kick out of my misery:

I still love him though Smile