Monday, January 28, 2013

We have a talker

Long gone are the days where we could mumble something under our breath, or let a "naughty" word slip out of our mouths. This kid will catch it. And repeat it. I'm not worried about the naughty word part really because daddy and I aren't swearers. (Uncle Pibe, though, that's a whole different story!) However, I do have a concern. For our guests really. If you think you can pass wind in his presence, no matter how little/soft sounding you think it may be, and believe it will go unnoticed like when he was an infant, you're wrong. He will call you out on it. Even worse though, is instead of just a "toot" that you let out either intentionally or unintentionally, you've now Sh%& yourself according him because he doesn't discern between the two. If he hears the noise, no matter what he's doing or where he's at, he'll yell out to you, "poops?! Poops?!" over and over again until you try to clarify or vehemently deny the fact that you did either. Either way, he's pretty proud of himself that he identified the act "correctly".

So beware, my friends if you let nature take its course around here. And also beware, that HE will announce to YOU when and if he needs to "poops" or already has.

Love that kiddo.

Lator gators. You've been warned.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trampolines everywhere!

Last week, our buddies Jac and Parker invited us to Epic Air out in South Elgin for toddler jump time. It looks like every Friday from 9-11am is toddler time, up to age 6. They have a basketball area (on trampolines of course) and a dodge ball area with little soft balls that of course the boys LOVED. There also was a small play area with a couple of tricycles, play houses, and building blocks that Eli explored as well. How fun does this look???

IMG 0437

Eli clearly enjoying himself

IMG 0439

There's our buddy Parker!

IMG 0441

Hi Jac!

IMG 0440

Gah! I freakin' LOVE these boys!

As the parent, you had the option to jump with them or not and we decided to give it a try because it's a pretty nice workout. (Who am I kidding? Chasing a toddler and picking him up and dragging him back to the task at hand is a workout in and of itself!)

Overall, I'd recommend it if you kiddo is walking/running/climbing :)



Sunday, January 13, 2013

My little dare devil = heart attack for momma...

All I gotta say is this came from Aaron's contribution to the gene pool, not mine!

 **Disclaimer: no injuries occurred as a result of these "stunts". Please do not attempt what you are about to see at home**

"What do you mean ' sit down!', momma?"
"You must mean you wanna see my stunts. Watch this..."
"Ta da! Look ma, no hands!"

Pray for me!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Building a leaning tower....

The other day I was getting dinner ready and Eli happily entertained himself in our pantry. After a while I kept hearing him say "Ta da!" over and over again until I finally looked down at him. This is what I saw:

I love how the top can and bottle hang precariously in the balance up there, ha ha ha.

Alrighty, back to your regularly scheduled internet perusing...


Friday, January 4, 2013

My latest brain child (counts as "offspring" then right??)

So here's how this little diddy came to be. I recently went to my cousin's basketball game at my old high school and reeeeally didn't want to lug in my purse, so I just ended up grabbing some cash and my phone and holding it all night. Lame sauce. I then went to Officemax during a little family outing over the weekend and spotted a cute little leather iPhone wristlet. It was awesome but too small for all the "essentials" I'd want to tote around without my big purse. It got me thinkin' "hey I could make that!" This obsession trying to find the perfect wristlet tutorial took over my mind and body for 2 straight days! I couldn't find anything out there in regards to a tutorial that involved a wristlet where the whole thing was zippered shut. (I'm disappointed in you Pinterest. That's the first time you've let me down) So I set out to doing it on my own. There are a lot of things about this that I'm proud of, but it's definitely not "perfect". I am happy to say that it is exactly my "vision" which is good and bad. The good is obvious, but the bad is when I get a "vision" of how I want something to be, it consumes me until I have it just so. Ugh. So without further ado, my new clutch/wristlet/iphone carrier/organizer. (Most of you have already seen it on Facebook, but not my Jac):

IMG 0384Ta Da!

Right now inside is my iPhone, lip gloss, keys, checkbook, cash, coins, pen and credit cards/I.D. Can you believe it? Here, I'll show you:

IMG 0385I didn't remove a thing for the picture.

I added padding to the lining pieces so it protects my phone. Oh, and guess what?! The cool thing that I learned by accident is that I can still use my iPhone while its in it's vinyl sleeve! Technically I don't even have to take it out to use the touch screen features now :)

It currently has replaced my checkbook wallet in my purse and serves as sort of a clutch at the moment but my plan is when a moment arises where I want to run into some place without my purse, I'll grab this out and attach my key fob to the "D" ring I attached to the back. You can see it better in this photo:

IMG 0387I just love when a plan comes together! Ok, I gotta run. I have my cousin's baby shower to help throw tomorrow so I need some sleep. Night all!