Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eli has started tumbling class

Now that Eli is a fully mobile, rambunctious, typical toddler, I've been looking for activities for him to get into to keep him entertained. He does pretty well playing by himself but I think we both go stir crazy staying at home all day. We. Need. To. Get. Out. Of. The. House! Ha ha ha. I'm pretty sure Joanne Fabrics is starting to expect our daily visits :)

Here are some pics of Eli at his tumbling class. It's a little room full of padded trampolines, swings, ball pits and ramps--A little boy's dream! If I'm going to be honest, I'd recommend starting a class like this when the child is closer to 2 years old. Eli is the youngest in his class (with all the other kids around 2 or a little older) and veeeery easily distracted-- SQUIRREL! The instructor said this is normal for this age but then it becomes more of a tumbling class for ME bending, lifting, twisting, and dragging him back to the task at hand, ha ha. Oh well. They also dance and sing which is pretty darn cute too. Speaking of which, now I have one of their songs stuck in my head, "Shake, shake, shake our sillies out…"

IMG 0260

Crawl through the tunnel

IMG 0261

stop and listen for directions...

IMG 0265

Take time to chat (stare, whatever) with the ladies...

IMG 0266

Stretch time. Eli touching the ground, momma wishing she could touch her feet...

IMG 0272


IMG 0274With his teacher as they rocked back and forth singing "Row row row your boat..."


So fun! It's pretty neat to watch the older kids who've been in the class a while doing all the activities and singing along with the words. Eli is nowhere close to that but I have hope that he'll get there :).

Ok, he's asleep, now it's time to spend some quality time with daddy. Night y'all!


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