Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An update on my bubbercakes...

Bubbercakes {Bubb-er caykes}

  1. A cool toddler who is the apple of his momma's eye.
  2. A small child who makes momma belly laugh multiple times a day.
  3. One who says "huggies??" with arms outstretched in the most pitiful voice possible, turning one to mush.
Well folks, Eli is more a little boy now than a baby. I wanna jump for joy and bawl at the same time. With his vocabulary exploding, he's more my fun companion during the day when daddy is at work than his former bump-on-a-log infant self. Don't get me wrong, he needs constant supervision or he'll scale unstable furniture or play with knives (although he sounds southern when he says "knife" because he says it more like "knaff". And have you heard him say "diaper" yet?? I laugh every time because he says "dapper" ha ha. I digress...) 

Anywho, I'll do my "usual" update at his 2 year mark (which is only 3 months away! Aaaahhh!) so right now I'll just tell you my favorite happenings:

  • He LOVES to be chased around the house. Make sure you've had a hearty breakfast for plenty of energy too because he's like the energizer bunny and won't stop until you wipe out plop down on the couch exhausted. You will know you are caught in a game of chase when he starts running away from you yelling "I getchu! I getchu!"
  • After an award winning performance of his half teary eyed "huggies??" I'll pick him up and he'll snuggle into me and lay his head on my shoulder and sigh like he's in his happy place, and before I know it, I feel a little hand patting/rubbing MY back. I melt.every.time.
  • He is unlike any toddler I have ever met in that he eats EVERYTHING. I am constantly grocery shopping! Some of his faves: cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, gag me plain yogurt, homemade muffins, broccoli, frozen peas, any & ALL fruit and anything I'm eating. In fact, if I want him to try something new that I'm worried he won't have any interest in, I don't bother putting it on his plate, but instead eat it in front of him and he'll baby-bird me (mouth wide open, leaning forward in his high chair, going "ah, ah, ah") almost instantly. Score! 
  • The other day Eli was engrossed in his show when I sneezed and without missing a beat or turning from the "tee dee" he says "bless you." I have been working diligently with him on "please" and "thank you" and had yet to teach him "bless you" so I was floored! Children truly DO learn by example because I say it anytime he sneezes. Nothing makes me more proud than when he says "pease" (please) or "thaaaank YOOOU!" (and he says it just like that) unprompted :D
  • Some of his favorite expressions: "oh MAN!", "uh oh", "oops", "I getchu", "oh daddy!", "I'm coming", "want it", and recently he started saying " I love you"
  • Lately when I walk into the room after having been gone for a few hours and he's been with daddy, he'll immediately go into show-off mode doing what looks like a touch down dance with his foot work, or dramatically playing with his toys.
  • I taught him "gentle" a while back since he's used to rough housing with daddy and this momma doesn't do rough housing, so now when I say that word, he very softly runs his fingers along my cheek. If its in reference to a baby, he leans in to give him/her a kiss. :)

His new favorite things: my tumbler and climbing up on chairs.

Thats all for now. My sister was giving me a hard time for slacking on my blog but really you need to see this kid in action. Words just don't do him justice.

Na night,

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