Thursday, July 11, 2013

My "baby" is TWO years old!!!

Well my "baby" who isn't a baby at all anymore has a full blown personality now complete with a sense of humor and everything. This is such a fun and exasperating  curious age! We have legit conversations all day long. I am continuously amazed at the things he picks up on and understands. He will randomly walk up to me and go "I love you momma", and in the morning daddy will get him out of his crib and bring him to our room where I pretend to still be asleep and he very loudly says to daddy, "Momma sleepin'! Kiss momma?" and Aaron will put him on the bed, I'll open my eyes to his sweet face an inch from mine (with ZERO morning breath! How does THAT happen??) and he'll plant one on me and say "thank you!" Makes. My. Morning.  He'll say "bless you" when you sneeze, ask for "mommy kiss it" for any and all boo boos, show off when he sees people he's crazy about or notices he's getting a lot of attention, stop at every single "baggetball" hoop on our walk around the block until I drag him away, asks "momma, 'a doin'?" 1,342 times in one day, will give you a play by play of his daily observations, point out to you when he's listened--"momma, I listen!", and also proudly say "nice one!" when you shoot and make a basket or catch a ball :) Here are his stats along with some of my favorite pics over the past year:
My little golf enthusiast
SizeWe went to the doc the other day for his 2 year well visit and he weighs 28 lbs and is 34 1/4 inches tall. Everyone tells me they think he's a lot older because he's so tall. We don't ever discuss what percentile he falls into at the office so I don't know if he's actually tall for his age or not. He also feels like he weighs a ton but looking at him you wouldn't guess it. He's just a solid kid.  He's pretty much on target for 24m/2T clothing but I've learned to just hold clothing up and eyeball it because kid sizes can be so wonky! (He's sporting some 12m jean shorts at the moment that I got on clearance at Walmart. Go figure)
Incognito. He gets mistaken for one of the pros all the time ;)
Likes: FRUIT, with a capital "F"! Good lord that kid could eat his weight in fruit if I let him. He's obsessed with sports at the moment, particularly basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, and baseball. He loves attention from people and being around people and as mentioned above goes right into show-off mode the minute he's got your undivided attention. He loves going to grandma and papa's house, going to the park, wagon rides, bubbles, running as fast as he can, showing off his foot work, BREAD (another food he could easily pound), and watching his shows on NickJr.
As Eli says, " Nice one!" Solid hit.
Dislikes: Being brought inside after playing outside, bedtime & nap time (he's been fighting these hardcore lately. Daddy however has no problems getting him to go down. Not sure why that is), getting dressed, diaper changes, mommy doing anything other than playing with him, and leaving grandma.

He shoots! He scores! Look at that follow through!
Eating:  For the past 2 years up until about 1-2 months ago he's been a pretty great eater. I've been blowing through the grocery budget trying to satisfy this kid's hunger. He seems to be slowing down a little now and is more particular of the things he's willing to eat however if I offer "dipping sauce" for anything he's not wanting to eat, he will :). He's never really been much of a meat eater so I try to load veggies into meatballs or chicken bites and he will eat those.  I hardly make him snacks anymore because he usually does fruits and veggies during snack time, or cashews. He loves those! As for meal times, he eats what we eat.
This is from daddy. I have 2 left feet when it comes to soccer

Sleeping: He is and has been a great sleeper. Once he's down for the night, he's down for good. I put him down between 6:30-7pm most nights and he's up about 6:15-7am, the next morning so a solid 12hr sleeper. For a whole month he refused naps unless we were in the car between 11-1pm (then he almost ALWAYS naps), but lately I feel he still needs them so I put him in his crib at 1pm for "quiet time" and he's been napping. Not gonna lie, sometimes he cries for 10 min before getting to sleep but he always ends up sleeping so I know he needs a nap.
Teaching him "gentle" with my other "baby"

Milestones: Well he is officially talking in sentences, some clearer than others. He knows his colors, has started to count, mainly 1-2-3, and jumbles the rest up to 11 ;)  He can jump with both feet (I guess the doc said kids tend to learn the 2 foot jump later, and start with one foot hops). He pooped out of the blue on the potty the other day (we are getting acclimated to the idea of potty training and talking about it and he watches me but we haven't officially "begun". I'm waiting because I don't want to push it and have it be a bad experience for the both of us. I've heard boys are more successful waiting to closer to age 3. We're in no rush.) He can name just about all the pictures accurately in his "my first words" book, can kick and hit a ball, has a great throwing arm (seems to favor the right but I notice he tends to swing lefty.) and last but most certainly not least, he has finally grown some GORGEOUS curly platinum blonde hair. Oh how we've waited for this moment! :)

So there you have it! My big boy in a nutshell :)

Nice form buddy


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