Monday, February 2, 2015

Andrew is FOUR months old!

Heelloooo HANDsome!
   I Feel like it took me freakin' FOOOR-eeee-VER (said in my Squints Palledorous voice.--and if you don't know who that is, shame on you) to reach the 4 month mark in my pregnancy, but to reach the 4 month mark of life on the outside, well lets just say it went by Jimmy Johns fast. I'm almost feeling like I need to get going on planning his first birthday party for petes sake! Sloooowwww dooooowwnnn!

   I take roughly 163,995 pictures a day to capture the itty bitty-ness of him and I'm thankful for my new phone that now has 64 Gb of sweet picture-storing-space so I don't have to pick and choose which ones to delete in order to make space for more pictures. Happy dance!
How do I pass this photo op up??? "..and I can't stop, and I won't stop"
   Alrighty, without further ado, here are our well visit details...

Size: I feel I can still get some more time in his 3 month stretchy pants because his legs aren't all that long but he's definitely needing the 6 month onesies and jammers. His head is touching the pack-n-play and his feet just touch the opposite side now (width-wise). I will lay him down length-wise but the center of the pack-n-play dips so he tends to end up sideways by the end of a nap or by morning anyways, ha ha. (Eli was in his crib by now but since the boys will be sharing a room until we build our new place, he's still in our room. I don't want him to wake Eli with his middle of the night/early morning feeding.) At the doc's, he weighed in at 16lbs 2ozs (Eli was 14lbs 5oz) and measured 25 inches (Eli: 25 1/4 inches). His back and thigh rolls are still coming in strong.

Likes: Being held, so the carrier I made comes in handy quite often, (Daddy and grandma have been wearing it too! They love it.) going for walks around the block & taking in the sights (gone are the days where he will sleep in my wrap the entire time. Now his head is outstretched and rubber-necking anything and everything in his path), taking baths, nursing, daddy making funny noises and faces at him (Aaron was the first one to get both boys belly laughing for the first time), being rocked when he's sleepy, and being talked to.

Dislikes: Being tired, 5pm, and not having my undivided attention.

Feeding: He's still exclusively breast fed. I have no intention of introducing solids until 6 months for several reasons, but mainly because he's not ready yet and its just so super simple feeding him now. He nurses for maybe 10-15min, there's zero prep work, no clean up, and he doesn't require a bath afterwards. Seriously, the let-me-put-my-fingers-in-the-spoon-and-then-in-my-hair feeding phase can hold off juuuuust a little bit longer, thank you...In other news, I'm happy to report that he IS getting better at the bottle when I'm at work but not a pro yet. There's still hope!

Sleeping: A few weeks ago he actually slept THROUGH the night. Yes he's been doing 8hrs + stretches for a long time now but I mean, he went down at 7:30pm and got up for his first feeding at 7:00am! I was super excited that maybe he was done with the middle of the night feedings but no such luck. He hasn't done it since and for some reason, this past week he's regressed a bit in his sleeping habits. His naps are all off and he's up twice during the night instead of his usual just once. Growth spurt? Teething? Not sure, but I'll take my great sleeper back aaaaaany time now. Prior to this past week, he'd take a nice 3-4hr nap at 9am and then a smaller 30 minute-1hr nap in the afternoon. Not so much at the moment. He's been cat-napping 3-4 times in a day and I sure hope he doesn't make this a habit.

Milestones: He's finally figuring out how to operate those chubby, yummy things at the ends of his arms. Look ma, they grab things! He's getting a little more coordinated in that department. If drooling were a skill, he'd be a blackbelt, and lastly, he's smiling a ton. Oh and I can't forget, I gave him his first "trim". I had to take about an inch off the top because things were getting a little ridiculous! (See below.)
Exhibit A. Pre-haircut. Yikes!

Over all he's a very happy little guy and for that I'm grateful! 
That's all. Toodles!

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