Sunday, August 2, 2015

My baby Andrew is TEN months old!

     Well I officially need to get my butt in gear and start planning his first birthday party. Sheesh. These things sure sneak up on you! My super talented cousin Julie will be doing his first birthday photos at the end of this month and I have a theme planned which I hope will turn out as fun as I picture it in my head.

   This kid is so awesome. I realize I'm a broken record but I can't help it. This is my stage. I love everything about the baby stage so I'm soaking it all in. I'm totally smitten and here's why:
Look at all those new toofers! 
Hi honey :)

Thanks daddy for giving me my sweet curls!

Need I say more? Words wouldn't cover it anyways. I'll cut to the chase, here's his update:

Size:He's thinning out a bit but still feels heavy to hold. He's right on target with clothing and I finally went up to size 4 diapers. He's starting to look so grown up in his outfits, but then I throw a sleeper on him for bedtime and he's my baby again.

Likes: Food is still at the top of this kid's list. What's nice is I can plop him in his high chair with finger foods and he's happy as a lark and then I can get stuff done! He's also BIG into exploring now. He's a lean mean crawling machine so he's off checking out every nook and cranny in my house. The silver lining? I'm keeping my floor swept and clean way more now than I ever have before, and he's helping me find long lost earrings, bobby pins, hair ties, cheerios from when Eli was a baby.... He also loves water (tub/water-table/pool), crawling frantically away from me laughing when I yell "no! don't put that in your mouth!" and shoving said prohibited object and entire wrist in. Sigh. He also seems to like music. He starts swaying to the beat and then waving his arms. All that dancing in the womb to Enrique Iglesias' "Bailando" seems have gotten him off to a good start :)

Dislikes: Diaper changes, sitting still to get dressed, long car rides, and running out of food.

Feeding: He is officially eating anything and everything. Nothing seems to be off limits at this time. If I give him cut up finger foods, he'll show preference but if I blend mixtures/meals, he'll eat it all. The other day I cut up some plum which he was happily gobbling up and I decided to cut up some avocado and threw it on his tray with it. Well! That just pissed him off! He made it very clear he was upset that he now had to navigate the land minds (avocado bits) to get to his beloved plum pieces and he kept throwing the stink eye in my direction. (The nerve! I'm the lady that feeds you!) His fine tuned pincher grasp came in handy for this task. Then he stops whining about it and I look over to see him picking up the avocado pieces (yay!) only to throw them one by one to the floor. Punk. But if I mash the avocado up with some banana, he'll eat it all. And the portion sizes! Man alive! I now feed a family of 4! I have no idea where he puts all that food. He's an old pro with the sippy cup now. I remember having to buy a few different kinds until Eli took to one, so I started out with the one Eli preferred and this kid likes it as well. I'm still nursing him but he now goes much longer stretches in between feeds since he's doing 3 meals a day and snacks. Surprisingly, I haven't really noticed any decrease in my supply. Score!

Sleeping: Nothing really new to report here. He did sleep from 7pm straight to 7am the other night randomly (scared the crap out of me, naturally) but his normal is still to get up between 4-5am for a feeding and then go back to sleep until about 6:30-7am. He's now pretty much down to one nap a day around 11am and will do a 2-3hr nap at that time.

Milestones: He's adding more teeth to his collection. He now has 3 uppers and 2 lowers. (Having the 2 front teeth in makes him look so grown up!) He waves bye bye consistently, pulls himself up and walks along furniture, and he's gone from beginner crawler to expert. He calls for his brother by saying "eeeeee--iii" (Totally adorable!)

And that's it for this month. (Signing) "Aaaalll done!"

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