Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Andrew turns one! Part 1

Photo cred: My super awesome cousin Julie Larame
Oh those thighs get me every time! I have to remind myself to look at the rest of the picture. Ha ha.

Julie Larame photography
   A special shout out goes to my baby daddy for donating those luscious curls to the gene pool. Muuuuuah! Now how great would this hair be on a little GIRL? Juuuuust throwin' that out there honey. If you got bored, you know, something to think about...

   So this guy! My "love bug", Aaron's "hamster", and Eli's "louie" (who knows...) just turned ONE! How did a whole year of awesomeness go by so fast?? And WHY does it go so fast?!?! Thank GOD for social media where I was able to post a gajillion pics ad-nauseum so that I can waste hours of my life reliving those precious memories. Love it! He is the most cuddly and affectionate baby, which fills my love tank to the brim every day. Actually he's pretty possessive when it comes to his competition Eli wanting to cuddle with his momma, and I have to remind my littlest guy that big brother had me first as he attempts to push Eli off my lap and crawl into my arms himself, ha ha. You wanna see a happy baby go from smiles and giggles to whiny and aggressive, watch my 4 year old crawl into my lap! Jeeze louise! It's so funny though, and thankfully Eli's a good sport about it. (I secretly enjoy being fought over though, ha! Shhhh. It'll be our little secret.)

  I can't help but go down memory lane at this milestone so I warn you I'm about to inundate you with some photos from the past year:
This was our hospital baby photoshoot with Bella Baby photography

Meeting the "GP's" for the first time
Being loved on from the start :)
Proud Auntie
So widdle!
I loved those handmade baby harem pants on him, ha ha.
I had this pic as my phone wallpaper for the longest time. That half smirk :)
I wanted to remember/document every little baby detail
His hair though! None of it fell out at the 3 month mark as I was expecting
Aaaah! There's just too many that I love!
The way to a woman's heart is to love her children 
All the heart eyes!
Get some sleep daddy...

Nom nom nom!
This accurately depicts their brotherly love perfectly.
He has loved being in a carrier from the start (the Sollywrap style in the beginning) and still continues to enjoy it now although I mainly only use my soft structured carrier since he's getting heavy. I've passed on my beloved Solly wrap to Andrew's future wife Piper who was just born this past week so she too can experience the awesomeness that is the Sollywrap.

and lastly my cool cat.
Well I think thats not nearly enough pictures for now. I'll post his stats tomorrow after our well visit. 

For now, na night. *sniffle*.

-Emotional momma

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