Friday, November 20, 2015

"So do you guys plan on having more kids? Go for that girl maybe?"


    Just like any other couple with young children, we are not exempt from that question getting asked. We hear it a lot actually, almost daily and my hubby and I will each try to out talk the other, shouting "YES/NO!" I don't mind the question because if you know me at all, I'm 1) an open book and 2) love talking anything related to babies and pregnancy. But my hubby's pretty set on just having the 2 and here I am not feeling "done." I don't have a set number in my head but I just reeeeeeally love having a baby around. Like a whole heckuva lot. It's what makes me happy. Squishy, thighs, little onesies, the baby smell, giggles etc. I love it all. Year 3 and now year 4 has been hard for me with Eli. There are times when he's so flipping amazing that I want to shout it off the rooftops! And then there are the other times where I'm ready to shove him OFF said rooftop when I've said "no" for the 479,984th time and he's still asking "puh-leeeease?!?!?!" I guess I should just be grateful he's using his polite words but all I can focus on is how shrill my voice is sounding as I'm 2.4 seconds away from going bat &%it crazy. (What doesn't he understand about the word "no" or "stop"??!? Seriously though!) Then I look over at my little 13 month old salsa-ing walking toward me, arms outstretched going "hi! Hi! Hi!" in his sweet little voice and I'm mush.  I can literally feel the stress/anger leave my body. Then I want another one, naturally. Ha ha. 

   So the other day we were at the park as a family and there were 2 young brothers there playing. The younger one looked about Eli's age and I was guessing his brother was about 3 years older. Sure enough, the kid was 4 and his older brother was 7 and they were playing so well together. Back when Eli was 3 and his cousin Danny was 6, they were 2 peas in a pod that you almost didn't even notice the age difference. So then when Aaron and I talked about having a second baby, we really liked the idea of them being 3 years apart (it seemed like the sanest age gap with Eli being more independent and potty trained), hoping they'd interact just the same. After seeing the brothers today, I was excited again thinking of a time when they can play together and Eli not rely on me to constantly entertain him. I excitedly pointed this out to Aaron who said he agreed, that he feels Eli and Andrew WILL be close some day, and that that day wasn't too far off. I used this opportunity to point out how it would be perfect timing to then try and add a baby girl to the mix...

Me:See babe? The boys would be best friends and be able to play by themselves because they'll have each other, plus they'll be in school all day and then I can love on my baby girl and have my baby fix while getting me through Andrew turning 3-4 years old. 

Rational Hubby: Babe, we can't just keep having babies so you can handle the terrible threes!

Me: Um sure we can. In fact, I think that's a fantastic idea! 

Rational Hubby: The ONLY thing I like about your idea is the TRYING part!

AND IM BACK IN THE GAME! **Victory dance** Ha ha ha.

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