Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally doing it....

Welp, Here I am, finally starting the blog I've said I've wanted to start forever ago. My final push was this kiddo about to be born any day now. I get repeatedly asked the same questions about my pregnancy so I figured I could document it all here for you guys and as well as for me. I like the idea of being able to keep track of all the cool new stuff going on at my house :)

Here are my stats so far at week 38:

-Weight gained: 30lbs
-Favorite pregnancy trait: feeling him move ALL the time and getting to know his "personality".
-Least favorite preggo trait: sleeping is no longer any fun. I get up to pee every 1 1/2-3hrs, also my feet swell (right worse than left) by the end of the day.
-Cravings: anything loaded with sugar unfortunately. I USE to be a salt, fried food kind of gal-not since being pregnant.
-Any contractions? Nope, not that I'm aware of. As of last Tuesday, I was 2cm dilated and 100% effaced though.
-Biggest fear: Labor. I can NOT wait to see what this little guy looks like but I'm not looking forward to going through the labor to get to that point. I do NOT want pitocin or an induction so I'm planning on going without the epidural. Wish me luck! I did just finished reading "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" though that helped A LOT. I highly recommend it to everyone....unless you're already scheduled for your induction. Ha ha.

Alrighty. Talk to you later

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