Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ok, Gonna give this blogging thing another chance….

Well It’s been almost 2 weeks since the little guy has joined our family and things are going very well :) What a learning experience. This kid literally makes Aaron and I laugh on a daily basis. Its been so much fun to see his evolving personality.

Eli popeye face

A lot of people have been asking how the birth went so I thought I’d recap it for you all. Well he came into this world at 39 weeks and 1 day which turned out to be July 2, 2011. All day we were planning to go to Pingree Grove to watch the fireworks but at 0630 in the morning I started to have what I thought were contractions but I’d never had them before so I wasn’t sure. We even looked online to determine if I was experiencing braxton hicks or true labor. They were between 5-7 minutes apart and lasting1 full minute ALL DAY until 6:45pm when my water finally broke and I told Aaron we had to go to the hospital NOW. They very gradually got stronger and worse as the day progressed but I didn’t want any interventions at the hospital, meaning them breaking my water or sending me home because I “wasn’t progressing”, so I labored at home until I was sure he was coming.

39 wks 001 <<Last pic before heading to hospital

By the time we got to the hospital (and what a loooong uncomfortable ride that was!) I was 9 1/2cm dilated and his head was “right there!”. I should have warned the nurse that his head has been “right there” for a weeks now because she freaked out and hopped on the phone to page the doc stat. Well close to 2 hrs later of pushing, he finally came out. Steph, Aaron and Jac were my labor coaches and were AWESOME! They were so helpful and I was so happy they were all able to make it. Steph worked her 12hr shift and just as she was getting out I was heading to the hospital. Perfect timing. She got to the hospital from Arlington Heights about the same time we got there! She had to have been going 100mph!

Eli’s stats: He was 20 in long, 8lbs 3oz, and born at 10pm on the dot. He was definitely NOT cute when he came out as hard as it is for me to type that! He scared me. I remember thinking “oh jeeze, the unconditional love card is being played here because there is nothing cute about this kid.”

Eli's birth 011 <<he was gray and scary looking!

eli hospital 4 << **sigh, much better.

Fast forward a few days and we STRUGGLED with the latching on for breast feeding. Guh. He was jaundiced, he got circumcised, and he was tongue tied and had to have his tongue clipped, all of which totally sabotaged our getting the hang of things,--not to mention the fun that is engorgement and tender sore nipples. Poor us! We certainly had a rough few days and I have to say the second day home from the hospital was probably the WORST day of my life, to have what he needs (milk), and him not able to nurse due to the above issues.

Now, I’m happy to report that he’s nursing well, and back up to his birth weight and of course cuter than ever ;) Things are looking good.


Cassi said...

Congrats Mama! I'm glad everything is going well.

swederosa said...

Thank you for the recap! I am glad that it went well and everyone is happy and healthy ~ you have so many wonderful times ahead and I hope you keep us up to date with this blog =) Take care of each other!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Yah I love it. I am so excited you are blogging. I get to see all the fun things Eli is doing and all the crafty endeavors you do.