Monday, February 18, 2013

Putting Eli to bed

One of the biggest things I am grateful for is Eli being a good sleeper and napper. The main thing is to make sure not to try to put him down too late or too early (which is very easy to tell with him) and we have no problem. (Knock on wood. I certainly hope I don't jinx myself.)

Anyways, lately when I go to lay him down in his crib, he hands me his blankie for me to to tuck him in. I did it randomly one time and he just LOVED it and now its our routine. Before this, I used to just sit him in his crib and he'd immediately assume the prone position and he'd be ready for "na nights". I've been telling my mom and hubby about this new routine and how cute it is to watch and finally got Aaron to trail in behind me to get it on camera. Sorry about the poor quality. Aaron's talented at many things but videoing is apparently not on that list :P I still love you honey but you're fired.

So does that melt your heart or what??? He doesn't quite understand why his usually dark room at this time has a bright light in his face and daddy is standing there, so he's a little distracted. But I just LOVE that little voice saying "mommy" and "daddy" and I just LOVE that kid!


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