Monday, January 28, 2013

We have a talker

Long gone are the days where we could mumble something under our breath, or let a "naughty" word slip out of our mouths. This kid will catch it. And repeat it. I'm not worried about the naughty word part really because daddy and I aren't swearers. (Uncle Pibe, though, that's a whole different story!) However, I do have a concern. For our guests really. If you think you can pass wind in his presence, no matter how little/soft sounding you think it may be, and believe it will go unnoticed like when he was an infant, you're wrong. He will call you out on it. Even worse though, is instead of just a "toot" that you let out either intentionally or unintentionally, you've now Sh%& yourself according him because he doesn't discern between the two. If he hears the noise, no matter what he's doing or where he's at, he'll yell out to you, "poops?! Poops?!" over and over again until you try to clarify or vehemently deny the fact that you did either. Either way, he's pretty proud of himself that he identified the act "correctly".

So beware, my friends if you let nature take its course around here. And also beware, that HE will announce to YOU when and if he needs to "poops" or already has.

Love that kiddo.

Lator gators. You've been warned.

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