Sunday, May 31, 2015

My baby Andrew is EIGHT months old!

I'm 8 months old, how fun!
...And what a hambone he is! Now he'll look at you all coy, give you the biggest gummy grin, cock his head sideways, and then stick his tongue out at you while blowing bubbles. Melts.My.Heart. He's still obsessed with his brother who is now an integral part in getting any sort of picture of him looking AT the camera. "Eli stand behind me and act like a goofball, thanks!"...  I absolutely LOVE the look of adoration on Andrew's face when Eli is entertaining him. Overall Eli's very good with his baby brother but on occasion he'll do some A-holey things like throw a giant bouncy ball in his face and watch it bounce off the poor kid's forehead. But because he laughs, then the baby starts laughing so I guess I just need to back off and let them "play."

Monthly photoshoots are getting pretty fun

His well known ba-dunk-a-dunk. We're not sure where he gets it.  It ain't from mommy OR daddy and that's not a cloth diaper!
    He's starting to babble a lot these days. He's mimicking different sounds and if you follow me on instagram you saw the video I posted of Eli whining that the rug burn on his elbow hurt (after rough housing on a trampoline with his Uncle Stephan) and going "oowww....owwww..." over and over again in a whiny voice and Andrew in a dead pan voice also going "oowww...owwww." It was hilarious! He sounded like a cat meowing. Ha ha ha, and because it was said with such a flat affect, it came across as so condescending and adult-like which made it even funnier to me! I guess you had to be there.

  There is no well visit for turning 8 months so I'll give you his official weight and height next month after he has his doc appointment. For now I'll just tell you what I know:

nom nom nom!

Size: I'm mainly putting him in 9 and 12m clothes now. I'd rather them fit a little loose then too tight. People still tell me what a chunk he is but I think he's thinning out a bit. The rolls on the upper arms are working for him though because it makes him look ripped, ha ha. I think he's close to needing to be moved up to his next sized diapers since he's never been a soaker but now on occasion, I'll find his onesie wet on his belly. 

Likes: I think slyly reaching his hand ever so gently to touch my hair and then with ninja fierceness, yanking with all he's got is up on his top 2 favorite things. The second one being raking his talons finger nails across my face and chest. Its awesome. He also loves sucking on everything, eating his puffs and teething biscuits, and feeding himself with the mesh teether bag thingy with fruit in it, squeaking very loudly, bath time and swimming, being pushed in the swing and rocking with daddy.

Dislikes: His mesh food bag thingy when it goes empty, being gassy, cutting teeth (Yay we have a tooth and another one any second now!)

Feeding:Breast feeding is going strong. I restarted my period (both kids at 5 1/2 months) and thankfully haven't noticed a drop in milk supply. The cool thing about the second time around is that I could care less about what I pump out (I actually LOATHE pumping...and side note, is it "couldN'T care less or "could" care less?? That's always confused me. Because I really currently COULD care even LESS than I do now about it. But anyways...) and I don't let it stress me out that my kid isn't getting enough, because clearly he is. But that darn pump can really send us mommas down a dangerous path of self doubt. Curse you pump!!Wait,  I didn't mean that, I still love you and need you pump. I'm just hungry :(

So yes, feeding is going well and big boy foods are messy. He hasn't shown any signs of food allergies so I'm not really following the "wait-3-days-before-introducing-new-foods" rule. If it's mashable, (and a "real" food) he's getting a sample.

Sleeping: Hmm. This has been frustrating since the budding of a tooth a few weeks ago. His normal is to wake up happy and play by himself for a while before he stares directly at the monitor and bellows out to me to come get him. I swear it sounds like "maaaaaaa!" Now he'll wake up multiple times a night or mid nap crying which I know is not his normal. It sounds like his pain cry so I'm blaming the tooth that popped up already and the other one thats thisclose to popping through as well. Sigh. I'd like my good sleeper back though. Baby tylenol helps but I obviously don't want to give him that EVERY night just so he'll sleep. Eli would get a couple of teeth at a time and then have like a 3 month reprieve so hopefully once his second bottom tooth is in, he'll take after big bro and be back to normal for a few months. Fingers crossed!

Milestones:As mentioned a bajillion times already above, my little man has his first tooth! He's also been scooting quite a bit, but not actually crawling. He's mastered sitting up by himself so I can now skip the mound of pillows propped behind him. He's babbling a lot and starting to make legit sounds like "da da, ba ba, ma ma" and his favorite, "oooow."

Poor kid was grinding his bottom tooth into his upper gum and making it bleed :(
Can't end this post on a sad pic though so here are some other cute pics from our 8 month ritual photoshoot:

"You're so handsome"..."Who me??"

Couldn't cover up the guns with a onesie, no siree...

All the heart eyes!

There you have it!

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