Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We have another baseball player in the family!

I present to you, your future professional baseball players :)

   As you may have seen on my Facebook page the other day, Eli had his first T-ball practice. I want to say its for 3-6 year olds and oh my gosh, was it the ca-uuutest thing ever! Of course the whole process is worse than herding cats but to see one of my favorite childhood pastimes in miniature size was so flipping' great. All morning all Eli would talk about was when practice would be:

 Is it time to go yet mom?

 No babe, I said in 3 hours, its been 3 minutes.....

    And repeat 187,934 times. We finally get there and they have to line up for roll call and the coach gets to my child. "What's your name buddy?"...wait for it... "Me? I'm Bruce Wayne!" Face palm. I hear all the fathers around me look at each other for clarification, "Did he just say Bruce Wayne??! That's awesome! ha ha ha ha." I of course expected it since he's gone by his alter ego Bruce for months now, but it came as quite the surprise to the people who were meeting him for the first time. From then on, everybody called him Bruce. What impressed me most was that there was at least 30+ kids there and the sports director had all the kiddos names memorized after the first introduction! It especially touched me when he was announcing which team each one would be on and he said "Eli Scicluna, also known as Bruce...." So awesome. If my kid believes with every ounce of his being that he's Batman, who are we to argue?

   They then broke out into groups. There were those hitting off the tee and those fielding, and Eli had to double up at the tee with another little guy (who had just turned three and was quite shy.) Eli would finish up his turn and say "here you go little buddy, your turn" as he handed him the bat and helmet. He seemed so grown up in that moment. Then he'd take another turn hitting with the coach and have to go retrieve the ball and he'd yell "watch how fast I am! Did you see how fast I ran to get that ball?" Yep definitely still 3 1/2 years old. Ha ha ha.

Getting some help from the coach
My Babe Ruth calling his shot ;)
Look at that concentration. Home run for sure!
Great job Bruce!
   As you know, 3 year olds can be so infuriating unpredictable in their behavior and since softball was such a huge part of my childhood growing up, I reeeeally wanted Eli to play baseball. But what we want for our kiddos isn't always what they want so I've tried to prepare myself for the let down when Eli ended up showing zero interest in Baseball. But not the case at all! He LOVED it! He cooperated and did very well with instructions and it just goes to show that if you put kids in activities they want to do, not what we want, they will do well, whether its just having a lot of fun, or being truly good at it. Now here's hoping we have the same success with tennis but not soccer down the road.

   Heres to a fun year Dinos! (The team name the kiddos chose. If I had any input, I would have suggested the "tee birds" Ha ha ha.)

My boys :)
Stay tuned for some more t-ball news as they start to have more practices and **squeel** GAMES!

Over and out,

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