Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little sewing for me….

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately but it’s been for other people, namely those with protruding bellies with my favorite things inside Winking smile. I just had an urge to do some sewing for me and I wanted to do something different. I’m always looking for that next inspiration/challenge. Well my latest project was anything BUT a challenge but sooooo fun to sew because each took like 30 minutes to make and were super easy. Super easy+super quick= super gratifying and one happy Lindsay!

It all started when a bunch of us from work got together for lunch and a girl I used to work with, Shauna (Hi Shauna!) showed up in the the ca-uutest navy blue and chevron maxi skirt! I’m obsessed with all things striped in the fashion world right now and chevron is pretty darn cute too. She said she got it at Target so I even dragged my hubby to 2 different Targets (on date night, nonetheless!) in an effort to snag one of these puppies for myself. But no such luck. All that were left on the wrack were gray skirts in size XXL Sad smile. I was so disappointed. But then I ran into this maxi skirt tutorial over on Leanne Barlow’s blog “Elle Apparel” and decided to just make my own. I sewed the whole thing using just a rolled hem on my serger and didn’t even bother to hem the bottoms because being knit, they won’t fray. Sa-weet! In LoOovVvvEeE! These things are so comfy!

Forgive my cuh-rappy photography skills (or Steph’s rather Smile with tongue out, ha ha. Sorry for throwing you under the bus Steph. I DO appreciate your cooperation) and I am most definitely NOT a model, nor ever want to be one so don’t focus on my standard arms-akimbo-stance in all 3 photos. Just go with it and focus on the puuuurty skirts, pleaseandthankyou Smile. My plan is to wear them until they are thread bare and ideally not be sick of them by the time baby number 2 comes along, because they have a yoga style top to them and I remember those to be a dream to wear with a big ol’ belly. So without further ado, here they are:

photo 1

Just a plain,solid purple (and this just so happened to be the tank top I was already wearing today)

photo 2

And my fun zebra print one! Here I just tucked my tank in and put on a belt

photo 3

Same skirt obviously with my tank un-tucked. I think I like it un-tucked better. I’ll bet my photographer readers are cringing right now at my chosen place for a photo-op. Ha ha. sorry Beck, I know lighting and background are supposed to be important. Meh. Don’t care.

I have one more printed fabric I bought today to make a third skirt but I’m going to make it some other time. Wouldn’t want to go overboard or anything Winking smile.

And I can’t end a post without a picture of my babycakes:

photo (10)

In true ham bone fashion.

The baby’s in bed and our hubbies aren’t home so Steph and I are going to watch The Hangover II now Smile.

Na Night,


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