Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My big boy is ONE year old!!!

Ahhhh! Can you believe it??? That also means that I’ve been blogging a little over a year! I’m so happy I did because I LOVE looking back at how much he’s changed. People always say “enjoy it all because in a blink of an eye, they’re all grown up” which is a big reason why I chose to blog. I wanted to document all the momentous occasions and be able to look back at it and relive those moments accurately. Smile And bubs, you made it all so much fun!

eli as a peanut

Remember my glow worm, just a few days old?!

How about how little he is in this video. Remember this??

And my big boy today:

This past year has been everything I ever wanted it to be and more. My dream has always been to become a mom and I feel I’m living the dream. I thank God every day for entrusting me with such a precious responsibility and for pairing me with a motivated, intelligent, loving, and very hands-on daddy who has worked hard to provide for our little family in order for me to cut down my hours at work and spend this important, foundation-building time with Eli. Muuuuah! Love you honey for helping me live the dream Smile.

As for you Eli, you are a blast to be around. You have such a fun personality and it only takes a few moments for you to wrap complete strangers around your little finger (Go figure! With Grandma so tightly wound I didn’t think there would be room for anyone else!) You’re quickly learning that with a shy smile and a tilt of your head you can get people trippin’ over themselves to give you anything your little heart desires. This concerns me! You just turned one, where did you learn to flirt???

Ok, shall we tell everyone your 1 YEAR stats? Ok lets do it!

Size: He is probably the only child I know who is wearing his age in clothes! Ha ha. He fits pretty nicely in the 12m clothes, although I find the waist band of 9m pants still fit the best. He’s grown 3 inches since his 9m well visit which means he measures at 30 1/2in tall! He’s 19lb 9oz, up 2 lbs since last weigh in. Definitely my little string bean.

Likes: Finger foods and feeding himself, exploring, cheerios, fruit, hoarding, watching things he’s dropped hit the floor, making noises with his mouth, and sleeping on his belly.

Dislikes: No new dislikes that I’ve noticed. Same as last month.

Feeding: Yay me! I made it to my goal of nursing for a whole year! Woo hoo! We still nurse 4x a day, first thing in the morning, before each nap and at bedtime. I think I’ll continue until it’s not practical anymore or he stops nursing. I feel like we nurse because I want to, and that he could really take it or leave it. So we’ll just play it by ear as far as how much longer it’ll be. He’s still loving all kinds of foods and I’m really enjoying getting and preparing new food recipes for him to try Smile. I stopped pumping back at 10m so I’m all out of frozen breast milk. My plan is to give him organic rice milk or almond milk while he’s with grandma on days I work. I’m going to hold off on cow’s milk for the time being. Our pediatrician said the main thing is him getting calcium so it doesn’t matter if its cows milk or other foods/drinks just as long as he gets it.

Sleeping: No real changes here. He’s been a great sleeper for a while now. He goes to bed between 6:45-8pm (depending on activities we have going on each day) and gets up at 8am. He’s about 50% when it comes to sleeping through to 8am or waking up at 6ish to eat and then going back to bed. He’s also been really good about taking 2 naps during the day.

Milestones: He’s officially walking…a LOT! Lack of balance doesn’t stop him from speed walking either. I’ll be excited when he prefers walking to crawling when we’re out and about and I’d otherwise have to carry him. Sheesh he gets heavy (and there is NO way I’m letting him crawl on icky public floors!) He also now walks all over the house going “Ma? Mom? Mom?” or “Dod? Dod? Dod-ee?” when one of us has left the room. It’s SUPER cute!

That’s all Open-mouthed smile.

Eli's week 2 020

Buh-bye sweet BABY boy…


…Hello sweet toddler *sniffle, sniffle*


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