Thursday, July 12, 2012

My two favorite boys…

I’ve been waiting for that day when a 7month age difference between Eli and his best bud would not even be noticeable and I think we’re getting pretty darn close. Jac and Parker stopped by today to hang out for a little bit and I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two toddle around and “play” with each other. Parker is obviously way more steady on his feet and runs but Eli is catching up. Now the difference is Parker says actual words (totally melts my heart listening to him talk!) and Eli just stares at him and then says something unintelligible, but they act like what they’re saying is clear as day! Too funny.


Our buds. Parker was rocking some pretty cool hair today so I had to get a pic.


Having a private conversation. Mom’s not allowed.


Seriously?!?! Does it GET any cuter than this?!?!?! Both having a drink and enjoying the ride Open-mouthed smile.


Ha ha. Hi Honey Smile

They are so fun. Sigh.

Night night y’all.


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