Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guess what I did?

Me, this girl, I completed a Warrior Dash! What’s that you ask? It’s a 5k (a little over 3.3 miles for people like me who had no clue Smile) race with 12 obstacles scattered throughout that involve lots and LOTS of slippery,evil mud!

warrior dash 2

Yes the guy on the right IS wearing a dress. Costumes were encouraged Smile

Let me first clarify that this was not my idea. My hubby informed me a few months back that he took the liberty of signing us both up, along with 6 of his co-workers. Um, thanks Love. That’s so thoughtful.

I requested to know as little about what was in store for me as possible as I had no intentions of “training” for this thing. (I secretly hoped that he was just kidding and that I’d be going for moral support and not actually participating.) I figured the less I new, the better. Fast forward to the day before and he hands me a consent to sign that involves such warnings as “I understand that the Warrior Dash (“event”) is an inherently dangerous activity that presents extreme obstacles, including but not limited to fire, mud pits, barbed wire, cargo nets, junk cars, heights, climbing, jumping into water, water crossings, swimming, steep hills, and/or uneven terrain” and “I understand that participating in the Event involves the risk of severe physical injury and/or death that cannot be completely eliminated” Say what?!?! Oh but my personal favorite is “I understand, agree and accept that some of the obstacles may go through water that has not been tested for chemicals, disease or contamination.” Lovely. Yay, where do I sign?!

I had 3 goals in mind with this race:

1. Actually complete the race,

2. Do ALL the obstacles, and

3. Not leave event via ambulance.

Goals accomplished! Thank you, thank you. I’m quite proud of myself as well. I DO have some pretty sorry looking knees, shins, and elbows though. My entire left knee is purple and my right elbow has a nice little road rash that goes down my forearm. I may or may not have totally biffed it coming down a steep hill. Confused smile

warrior dash 1

Post race with Emily, another fellow wife also roped into this by her hubby. (picture stolen from Kelley via facebook, thanks Kelley!)

It took me an hour and 11 minutes to complete it via walking 3/4 of the course. Hey, you know I am NOT a runner! Ick, ack! phooey! I wished I loved running but I don’t. I LOOOOVE walking and so walking is what I did. My ankles thanked me. (See comment above regarding uneven terrain.)

I wish I would have taken more pictures, wait strike that--taken A picture! I didn’t bring a camera and my phone is on the fritz so I have nothing to remember my dirtiest day ever except the photos I stole from people who DID have cool phones that actually worked. Oh well, maybe next time. Yep, I said it. I’d do it again. It was actually very fun and memorable.

photo (15)

My little warrior sporting the head gear they gave out, oh and a toilet paper holder “sword” Smile.

Good times.



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