Sunday, August 12, 2012

My new bra that made me belly laugh…

So me and the hubs and kiddo were out and about doing a little shopping today when I felt the need to explain to my hubby that the new bra my sister talked me into getting made me feel like I had a bullet proof vest on… here, let me get you up to speed:

My sister was recently raving about American Eagle’s new sports bra that is “so comfy” and “doesn’t make me look flat as a board” and recommended I get one too. (NOT for working out though, for every day use.) Ok, I’ll try it. I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing a bandeau-with-straps style bra (which is not your typical style bra but definitely not a sports bra which is designed to be super supportive) since I’ve been nursing and not able to wear underwire. The one I currently live in wear 24/7 a lot is getting loose from all the pulling up to nurse so I was due for a new bra. Well, when you get used to one particular bra because you live in it wear it a lot, adjusting to a new one is, well, an adjustment, hence the comment made above. But that’s not what made me belly laugh. What made me laugh was the part where I was explaining to him how it even had a hidden pocket to hold an iPAD. I realized my mistake immediately as it came out of my mouth and went to correct myself but the visual of that statement had me in a fit of hysterics before I could even mutter something coherent. I of course meant iPOD---biiiiig difference as you well know. But even before I could get myself under control and make the correction he says to me, “No honey, I’m pretty sure you’d need at least a ‘C’ cup for that.”  Ba-dum-DUM! (Thanks a lot honey).

That was my funny story Smile.


Not so funny to you?? I guess you had to be there.

Ok night night,


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