Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello?? This thing on?? tap, tap….

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Hello my groupies Smile. How have you been? I’ve been swell, thanks for asking. Momma has been busy so I’ve just been laying low and you know, helping out around the house. Lately I’ve been making sure to lay out all her pots, pans, and measuring utensils so she can see them and therefor find them easily. My thought is, what better way to know where something is then to find it right under your foot?? Amirite? Can I get an “amen” on this fine Sunday? She’s always telling me how I’m quite the little helper. Oh and you know what else helps momma while she cooks? Opening every single cupboard door within reach so she can see right in there. Saves time, really. 

photo (44)

Alrighty folks, I gotta run. I just wanted to pop in and say “sup” since it’s been awhile. Stay tuned to see my Halloween costume momma has been working on (and Uncle Pibe’s! I may see if he wants to trade with me since his is way cooler.) I’m excited!

Lator Gator,

Your guy Eli.

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