Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My “baby” is FIFTEEN months old!

…and holy beefcake Batman! Woo-wee, I thought that kid felt super heavy these past few months. He had a 4lb weight gain in 3 months! The doc had to even re-measure his length because it was such a big jump! This certainly explains the adult sized portions he’s been eating. And its nothing but lean muscle of course Winking smile :

photo (40)

Show me those guns!

So here are his 15 month stats:

Size: At his 1 year well visit he weighed 19lbs 9oz, and now he’s 23lbs! He measured 30 1/2 inches before and is now 32in Smile. This puts him in the 80th percentile for height and 60th for weight. People have told me how big he’s looking and how he looks much older than 15 months. He’s in size 5 diapers and size 12-18 month clothes.

photo (38)

“What?! Naked dance time? Count me in!”

Likes: Eating, exploring new nooks and crannies, the Gummy Bear song, (thanks Laura!) dancing, climbing, going down the slide at the park, pushing his stroller, having books read to him while he turns the pages (super fast!), fruit, bathtime, playing with momma’s phone, hair brushes, his beloved blankie, and hanging out with Grandma, papa, and auntie Stephie.


Getting ready to go down the slide!


“Weeee! Lets do that again!” (and again…and again…and again…)

photo (39)

“YYYY-M-C-A! this is fun dancing with momma!”

Dislikes: Getting dressed or diaper changes, having anything taken away from him, getting out of the bathtub.

Feeding: This kid is eating me out of house and home! I hate to think about him as a teenager! I’m so thankful though that he’s a good eater and never gives me the stink eye when I try “new” recipes on him like daddy does :/ We are still nursing (gasp!) because of me really. I’m not ready to be done with it although he could probably take it or leave it. I feel until he’s officially out of the everything-goes-in-my-mouth phase, I want to keep nursing to give him the added immunity boost from me, not to mention the the many other benefits for him AND for me. I honestly believe this is what has kept him healthy so far, (because believe me, my floors are not the cleanest and I’d be one rich momma if I had a nickel for each time he found a morsel of food on the floor and ate it, **double gasp!**) So we continue to nurse 3-4x a day (morning, nap times and bedtime.) I figure I’m saving money on not buying as much organic milk Smile. He does drink cows milk (or rice milk, whatever I have on hand really) while he’s with grandma and I’m at work.

photo (42)

What? Doesn’t everyone dance naked in just skivies and tennies? How else would you show the ladies your muscles and accentuate the foot work?!

Sleeping: Thank GOD we are doing great in this department. I’ve realized that he gets up roughly the same time each day regardless of whether he goes to bed at 6:30pm or 9:00pm…. soooo 6:30 it is then! Winking smile He gets up for the day between 7 and 8am and then goes down for a 2hr nap at 10am. Then he’s done with the naps. I still try to get a nap out of him at 3pm but it hasn’t happened in a long time. It’s really hit or miss with this one. Go figure. He wakes up after 13+ hours of sleep during the night and is ready for a nap by 10am yet fights the one later in the day when he’s clearly tired. I don’t get it. Oh well, he just goes down for the night early. I can live with that.

photo (41)

“Hey don’t think I don’t see you checking out my sweet tenders”

Milestones: We’ve mastered walking which is the preferred mode of transportation now. Thank the lord we’re past crawling being the favorite! He does a lot of running. He can now say “apple”, “hot”, “hat”, “up”, “hi”, “momma”, “dadeee”, and “papa” in the correct context. He climbs up on everything, dances, sometimes uses a fork to stab his food and stick it in his mouth, throws (his stuffed blocks), and has 2 upper molars that just popped through.

And that’s my “bigga” boy!



Cassi said...

So handsome! I loved this age :)

Laura DeHaan Haske said...

Hahaha! That darn Gummy Bear song;) I can't believe how big Eli is getting.