Monday, October 22, 2012

Viking costume….

Here’s a sneek peek into the Halloween sewing madness that’s been going on at my house! Let me tell you though, it has been so much fun seeing my “visions” come to life. I reeeeally love a sewing challenge but reeeeally hate making anything twice, ha ha. (That would be why I couldn’t go into business mass producing and selling my projects.)

So my step dad Terry went to a Halloween party this past weekend and was stumped as to what he should go as. Well Aldo always calls him Conan (because he’s a big muscle-y guy for those of you who have never met him) and I was putting Eli’s toys away for the 125,267,835 time and came across the warrior hat they gave us when we did the warrior dash back in September and voila, an idea popped into my head! He should wear the hat and go as a Viking!

What do you think? Does this pic cuh-rack you up or just me?!?!…and Steph…and Aldo….??!

photo (45)

Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m proud of him for really getting into characterOpen-mouthed smile

For those of you who don’t really sew, this costume is for you! The fur stole involves no sewing at all. I just measured from tip of shoulder, across his back, to tip of the other shoulder and cut out a rectangle, adding a few inches so it could hang down his arms a bit. Then just cut notches all around and a straight line up one of the long edges and a circle for his head. I tied the front together by using a long strip of fabric (felt in this case since that’s what the tunic part is made out of) and lacing it through holes I cut along the sides.

viking stole

Same thing for the arm cuffs. Just cut rectangles the width of the widest part of your forearms and wrap with long 1/2in thick strip of felt to hold in place. (He just wore a beige colored long sleeve shirt under all this and black pants. He didn’t want fur for his boots but follow the same concept as the forearms). As for the Barney rubble part of the tunic, picture a brown paper bag:

paper bag tunic

with right sides of fabric facing, sew across the shoulders, leave the cut outs for the arms, and sew up the sides. All done!

Minimal sewing really. Just straight lines! Smile. Anybody else making their costumes this year??

I changed my mind on my costume after feedback people gave me on facebook about spraying my hair black and potentially permanently staining my blonde hair so I’m sticking with a blonde character. I’ve already made it, so there’s no changing my mind now. Any guesses?

This Viking and my costume are small potatoes though compared to Aldo’s costume. I just hope pictures will do it justice because he totally creeps me out being in the same room as him. Lets just say he is completely transformed! Stay tuned…Winking smile.

Night loves!


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Uncle Ter!!! What a sport! I love it!