Friday, January 4, 2013

My latest brain child (counts as "offspring" then right??)

So here's how this little diddy came to be. I recently went to my cousin's basketball game at my old high school and reeeeally didn't want to lug in my purse, so I just ended up grabbing some cash and my phone and holding it all night. Lame sauce. I then went to Officemax during a little family outing over the weekend and spotted a cute little leather iPhone wristlet. It was awesome but too small for all the "essentials" I'd want to tote around without my big purse. It got me thinkin' "hey I could make that!" This obsession trying to find the perfect wristlet tutorial took over my mind and body for 2 straight days! I couldn't find anything out there in regards to a tutorial that involved a wristlet where the whole thing was zippered shut. (I'm disappointed in you Pinterest. That's the first time you've let me down) So I set out to doing it on my own. There are a lot of things about this that I'm proud of, but it's definitely not "perfect". I am happy to say that it is exactly my "vision" which is good and bad. The good is obvious, but the bad is when I get a "vision" of how I want something to be, it consumes me until I have it just so. Ugh. So without further ado, my new clutch/wristlet/iphone carrier/organizer. (Most of you have already seen it on Facebook, but not my Jac):

IMG 0384Ta Da!

Right now inside is my iPhone, lip gloss, keys, checkbook, cash, coins, pen and credit cards/I.D. Can you believe it? Here, I'll show you:

IMG 0385I didn't remove a thing for the picture.

I added padding to the lining pieces so it protects my phone. Oh, and guess what?! The cool thing that I learned by accident is that I can still use my iPhone while its in it's vinyl sleeve! Technically I don't even have to take it out to use the touch screen features now :)

It currently has replaced my checkbook wallet in my purse and serves as sort of a clutch at the moment but my plan is when a moment arises where I want to run into some place without my purse, I'll grab this out and attach my key fob to the "D" ring I attached to the back. You can see it better in this photo:

IMG 0387I just love when a plan comes together! Ok, I gotta run. I have my cousin's baby shower to help throw tomorrow so I need some sleep. Night all!


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