Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trampolines everywhere!

Last week, our buddies Jac and Parker invited us to Epic Air out in South Elgin for toddler jump time. It looks like every Friday from 9-11am is toddler time, up to age 6. They have a basketball area (on trampolines of course) and a dodge ball area with little soft balls that of course the boys LOVED. There also was a small play area with a couple of tricycles, play houses, and building blocks that Eli explored as well. How fun does this look???

IMG 0437

Eli clearly enjoying himself

IMG 0439

There's our buddy Parker!

IMG 0441

Hi Jac!

IMG 0440

Gah! I freakin' LOVE these boys!

As the parent, you had the option to jump with them or not and we decided to give it a try because it's a pretty nice workout. (Who am I kidding? Chasing a toddler and picking him up and dragging him back to the task at hand is a workout in and of itself!)

Overall, I'd recommend it if you kiddo is walking/running/climbing :)



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