Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My baby Andrew is SIX months old!

Hi munchie boy.

   Another month down, can you believe it?? Me neither! It's exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time. I looked back at Eli's six month update and see these two boys are still on track to being a LOT alike! One difference that stands out clearly to me though is with Eli and growth spurts, he ate a lot (obviously) and slept a lot, meaning he took longer than his normal naps. With Andrew, however, his sleep gets all jacked up. He wakes up more frequently during the night to eat, after going weeks of sleeping completely through and then just does little 30-40 min cat naps throughout the day. This only lasts the few days of the growth spurt though and then he's back to normal but it always catches me off guard, none-the-less. 

    As expected, he's SUPER curious about everything. He's constantly grabbing for stuff with lightening speed and the few strands of hair left on my head are paying for it. I just bought new glasses (since I'm still dealing with horrible dry eye since pregnancy. Ugh.) and I fear for those daily as well. I'm pretty sure his nails grow faster than the average human because as often as I clip those suckers, he's still scratching the heck out of my chest, arms and face. I feel like I have a cat living with me! But, I just look at that humongous gummy grin with accompanying coo and I melt. Instant forgiveness in the midst of the bald patch he's left on my head and the claw welts on my chest. Clearly God knew what he was doing when he made them so squishy and cute. They need to be!

Case in point

   We saw the doc today so here is his update:

Size: He's officially in his 6-9 month clothes and fitting perfectly into his size 3 Honest diapers. (Speaking of which, have you SEEN the freakin adorable designs they have?? I have him in the baseballs and guitars right now and I die a little every time I remove his pants for diaper changes. So flippin' ca-UUTE!)
He weighs 17lbs 4oz (Eli was 15lbs 11 oz) which is up 1lb 2oz from his 4 month well visit. And he's "just under 26 inches long" for height.

Get a load of that ba-dunka-dunk in the ca-UUTEST Honest diaper!

Likes: Grabbing things, putting stuff in his mouth, bath & swim time, being rocked & held, sleeping on his belly, being carried in my wrap or carrier and talking! He flaps those gums and makes the most animated expressions and noises like he's straight legit having a conversation with me. Sometimes it actually sounds like real words. So I indulge and we have long talks often. He also really loves being around people. Just like Eli, even if it's nap time or past bedtime, as long as he's among a group of people he's golden.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled photo shoot to sample this chair. Yep, delicious.

He doesn't see his great grandparents as often as he sees his grandma and papa, but he sure does love snuggling with them when he does.

Dislikes: Being over-tired.

Feeding: Still exclusively breast feeding although now I'm dreading preparing to make solids a regular routine around here. He's sampled banana, avocado and sweet potato if it's around but I'm being lazy when it comes to jumping right into meal prep. He watches me like a hawk eat and tries to take my silverware or bite if his hands are anywhere in the vicinity. He's definitely ready. But I'm not.

He's like "pleeeease, let me try it. Stop teasing me by eating in front of me"

Sleeping: He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 5:30am to eat, then I lay him back down until Eli comes barging in at 5:45am wanting everyone in the neighborhood to be up and ready to play because he is 7:00-7:30am. If we get to sleep until 7:30am, it's a good day. I feel he's capable but Eli makes it very difficult. He takes a 2-3hr nap in the morning and 1-2hr nap in the afternoon around 3pm.

Milestones: He has rolled over from front to back but doesn't do it regularly. He can sit up unsupported for longer periods of time now but still topples over if he tries looking around. No teeth yet, but he seems so close!

Sitting up like a big boy.

Showing off a couple of his favorite toys...his tootsies.

And that's about it for now. I just love that kid.


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