Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My baby is SIX months old!!!

eli 6 months 010
Half a year has gone by in the blink of an eye. (Hey I’m a poet!) Definitely the best 6 months of my life. Everybody keeps saying “enjoy it to the fullest, it goes by fast! They’ll be off to college before you know it” and believe me, I have. I’m soaking.up.every.moment. I take pictures and videos daily. I have a least one good belly laugh a day because of this kid. I’m constantly in awe of his personality, intelligence, curiosity, and sense of humor. Simply put, this kid UH-maaaazes me.
eli 6 months 012
It feels like just overnight he went from a little bump on a log infant to this very active, mobile little boy! I have to be on my guard every second when it comes to those little stubby arms and hands grabbing at things. He has these cat-like reflexes that astound me and before I know it, he has a fistful of hair, phone, food, nose, glasses, jewelry, fingers… you name it.
eli 6 months 011
Munchin’ on those yummy hands, and believe me, they ARE yummy—I’ve tried them.
Alrighty, we saw the doc today. He got his Dtap shot again this time and didn’t make a peep! He just nursed and looked at her while she rubbed his leg with alcohol, then went back to nursing and didn’t even flinch/grimace/whimper as she gave the shot! Yay! This made it soooo much easier for momma.
So here are his stats:
Size: He is up 1 and 1/2 pounds since his 4 month checkup. He weighed in at 15lb 11oz which puts him in the 26% percentile for weight and he’s 27 inches long which is the 65% percentile for length. My little string bean Smile. He’s wearing 6-9m clothes consistently, a size 3 diaper, and he can officially touch the ground in his walker and jumper. The doc said he’s doing awesome and right on track!
Likes: He loves putting anything in his mouth, his carseat (thank you Jesus!) sweet potatoes, jumpin’ in his jumper, his walker, grandma, his blankie, his cell phone that talks and lights up, swimming, t.v, people, his teether, and bath time.
Dislikes: Loud startling noises like vacuum, hair dryer, or running bath water, shots, pacifiers, and being ignored.
Feeding: Well we’ve done 6 whole months of nursing which I’m pretty proud of and still going strong. I just began introducing solids (and boy was I happy I waited because what a messy process it is! Sheesh). So far we’ve tried sweet potatoes (all homemade), avocado (only once and he spit it out, but looooved playing with the slimy mess. I read somewhere that the fat content of avocados is most comparable to breast milk—it’s the healthy good-for-baby-kind of fat so I intend to keep offering this one) and rice cereal. Next on the list: butternut squash, and sweet peas. He also insists on grabbing the spoon and feeding himself.
Sleeping: We seem to have hit a rough patch. Historically, he wakes up 2 times during the night during a growth spurt and I think we may be in the midst of one now. Otherwise he gets up only once in the early morning to eat and then goes back down no problem, waking up for the day at 8:30am. Can’t wait to get through this one so he’s back to sleeping 10hr stretches. As for naps, it ranges still between 30min and 2hrs. If he only takes a 30 minute nap in the morning his afternoon nap tends to be longer or we’ll slip in a third nap Smile.
Milestones: Well he was a late bloomer in the rolling over department but once he did, he hasn’t stopped since! He has mastered the front to back roll, but seems to like being on his back so he doesn’t roll back to front much. He can sit in the upright position unsupported for minutes at a time, but don’t distract him and make him turn his head because he’ll instantly lose his balance and topple over. Also his hand grasp is awesome and purposeful.
So there you have it!eli 6 months 014
Golly look at the size of that kid!
eli 6 months 013
Alrighty, time to blow this pop stand…


Laura DeHaan Haske said...

This is a blog I read. Roni makes lots of kinds of baby food, and today she had one on avocados. Made me think of you and your little man.
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LeslieFreeman said...

Love the little rolls on his thighs! Such a big boy now! I must see him soon!