Friday, May 25, 2012

Pool rules…

Eli and I headed over to grandma’s house today to do a little swimming. What? You didn’t know she got a pool?? You’re missin’ out! Yeah, she just got it recently and we tested it out for the first time today Smile. Here it is:


Before we got started though, we had to cover some ground rules, per manufacturer mandate:


1.) Absolutely, under NO circumstances were we to let Eli attempt any diving in his 2ftx2ft pool full of a whole 2 inches of water. (I’m sure glad they said something!)

2.) We sure were lucky Grandma works for the village because according to above, we needed to make sure we were in compliance with applicable pool fencing laws. Good thing grandma had a deck or we probably would have been S.O.L Sad smile.

We just narrowly missed a great day of swimming, but being the law abiding citizens we are, and wanting to set a good example for Eli, we made sure to comply with the rules and were able to let Eli enjoy his grandma’s new pool afterall Open-mouthed smile.


Just chillin’ like a cool cat.


He would have preferred grandma get in with him, but settled with just crawling out every second and a half to give her a full body hug instead.

Eli wanted to make sure I let you all know his recommendations for optimizing your pool experience:

1.) Bring bowls, because pouring water out of the pool is a blast!

2.) Make sure to give all you’re non-swimming/dry friends and family members hugs though out swim time so that they do not feel left out.

And lastly,

3.) make sure to wear your best looking speedo so that even if the ladies wanted to take their eyes off you, they couldn’t. (It’s a safety thing really).

That advice is free. Enjoy!

-Eli and momma.

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