Sunday, June 3, 2012

My baby is ELEVEN months old!

eleven month photoshoot 031

Handmade tie-dyed onesie compliments of our swimming buddy Nick and his momma Jacque.

Ahhhhh! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! Now I’m feeling pressured to plan and organize his first birthday party. I think I’ve settled on June 23rd, so mark your calendars until this momma can get her butt in gear and send out invites.

Well this little guy…ahem, BIG boy, is really starting to look so grown up! I am taking pictures regularly of him hamming it up and baring all his teeth and if it wasn’t for him looking bald with his platinum blonde hair, he’d look like a toddler! I can’t get over it.

eleven month photoshoot 018

eleven month photoshoot 022

eleven month photoshoot 023

eleven month photoshoot 025

Stands solo.

Size: Still my string bean. I feel like he’s getting taller so he’s consistently in 12m clothes but he has such a tiny waist that 9 month pants fit the best, except he looks like he’s ready for a flood :/ So I end up putting him in 12m pants and rolling the waist band and we get along fine. Not sure how much he weighs, we’ll find out next month at his well visit.

Likes: Eating! Speed crawling from one side of the room to the other as fast as he can, figuring out new ways to outsmart momma by getting past the baby gait, climbing, sniffing his blankie (mom, maybe this is a hereditary trait seeing as how this is the 3rd generation to be “sniffers”..?), puffed cereal and cheerios, playing with mommy’s belly button (** see video below), wrestling with daddy, pulling stuff out of drawers and giving kisses.

Dislikes: Still despises being changed (diaper and clothes) and having his face and hands cleaned after feeding himself. He doesn’t like wearing his sun glasses, or when people eat in front of him and don’t share.

Feeding: Still going strong in the nursing department but eats full meals regularly as well. He continues to eat anything I give him but is particularly fond of those foods that he can pick up and eat on his own. Interestingly, I’ve noticed he consistently eats with his left hand. I know you can’t tell hand preference until they are 2ish but I watch for it each meal and he always grabs food with his left (after grabbing a fistful of “reserve” in his right for safe keeping of course.) We’ll see if this changes when we introduce silverware Winking smile.

Sleeping: He sleeps 12-13 hours at night. We are up for the day at 8am after going to bed around 7pm (this time fluctuates to 8pm if he takes a super long nap in the afternoon or we have evening plans) He now naps from 10a-12p every day and usually about 1 hr at 3pm (although this nap doesn’t come as easily.)

Milestones: Nothing really new in this department. As far as I can tell no more teeth have sprouted (the back of his mouth is hard to see) and he’s just mainly mastered his previous skills. I have seen him take a few steps while pushing his hamper bucket along the floor, but no solo steps yet.

eleven month photoshoot 040

eleven month photoshoot 041

eleven month photoshoot 049

eleven month photoshoot 052

eleven month photoshoot 057

Eli popped the lenses out so we had to get a pic Smile

A new game Eli likes to play is make-momma-gag-by-sticking-my-finger-in-her-belly button. Ick. I can’t stand my belly button being touched. It seriously makes me want to hurl. (Just thinking about it is making me nauseous, bleh!) So naturally when I gagged, Eli found it hysterical. Here’s a short video of him getting a kick out of my misery:

I still love him though Smile


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