Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello? Is this thing on??

Sorry for the lack of posts these days. I’ve been preoccupied with cooking (weird!) and studying for my medsurg certification that’s, gulp, this  week Sad smile.

I DID complete a sewing project on my to-do list although it’s an incredibly boring yet very functional and very needed project. Yay me for FINALLY sewing some black-out fabric to the backs of his white and incredibly bright curtains in his room. This allowed me to take down my ghetto green blanket precariously pinned behind said white-bright curtains, and therefor be able to open and close them to let sunshine in! It was an all or nothing deal with the pinning of the blanket so it was constantly dark in his room and not really a very inspiring place to playSad smile. I NEED sunshine but with it not getting dark until 9pm these days, I couldn’t expect Eli to willingly go na-nights with bright sun shining in his face, hence the dark, drab room until momma could get her butt in gear and take care of those shades. Phew, I feel so relieved! Ok so the point of that whole paragraph was to say that now it’s the perfect place to have play time in because its 99% baby proofed and baby friendly Smile. So when we aren’t running errands or outside going for strolls, this is our play ground. Here’s a super short video of Eli playing. I just LOVE his cheesy grins! (Is it wrong that I wanna giggle when he totally biffs it trying to crawl away??)

Sigh. I needed that. Now back to the time sucking task of studying for my big test this week. Groan. I’d rather get in First-birthday-party planning mode. Waah!


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