Thursday, June 21, 2012

My little Frankenstein :)

So I’m considering having my son audition to be the next frankenstein. We’ve been practicing, check out his skills:

Wow, did you see that look he gave me for accidently tripping him?? Ha ha. Simmer down now child.

I’m just kidding, no auditions Winking smile. That’s my kiddo learning to walk. Sigh. This little guy has been a lean mean walking MACHINE today! I am thoroughly entertained watching him stand up, start toddling, and then have to correct his balance every other step. I find myself shifting my weight in an attempt to help him out, ha ha Smile.

I told my sister that he’d be walking by the time she got back from her vacation in Punta Cana. I was right!

Now excuse me while I go grab my running shoes to keep up with this kid.


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Anonymous said...

Okay, this is so mean but i was cracking up watching him walk with his hands straight out. To cute.