Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby steps…

The last few days Eli has really done a lot of “walking” (meaning 3-4 solo steps, without help.) Its funny to watch because he clearly has no clue he’s doing it, it just happens. I’m waiting for that “lightbulb” to go off in his little noggin when he’ll realize what those 2 little things attached to the bottom of his legs will allow him to do Smile. Daddy and I were encouraging him to take steps to either one of us and we’d cheer when he’d venture away from his trusty piece of furniture that holds him steady, so I think he’s starting to put two and two together.

Here are a couple of video clips of him teetering on his feet all by himself. Daddy lured him away from his toy chest by holding my highly coveted headband in his mouth. That got him movin’! Ha ha! Sneaky, sneaky sir (the remote was unavailable). The second video, Eli has it in his mouth. Weirdos Winking smile.

Here’s the second short clip Smile

How come when an adult walks while drunk I get annoyed, but when a baby walks like he’s 3 sheets to the wind I can’t stop grinning?? Does  it GET any CUTER than the drunken baby swagger?!? I think not.

Ok, the baby sleeps, back to studying Sad smile.


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