Friday, September 28, 2012

A new sewing project…

photo (35)

Most of you probably already saw this on facebook. It’s a zippered Ipad cover I made for my team leader at work who is leaving us to go work with babies down in the new life maternity center at the hospital. Waaaah! I’m SO excited for her but majorly sad for myself because I absolutely LOVE working with this girl and she’s a phenomenal leader. But, at least New Life gets to benefit Smile.

So anywho, she just got an Ipad that she was pretty excited about but didn’t have a cover yet for it so I decided to design this for her to put in the gift basket my unit put together for her. I searched high and low on Pinterest, Etsy, and the web in general for a freakin’ tutorial on how to make a zippered Ipad case that didn’t just zip on one side. I wanted her to be able to unzip it, fold it behind if she wanted,  or leave it open, but ultimately not have to take the Ipad OUT of the case like she would if it was just a zippered sleeve. But I couldn’t find it anywhere! I could only find the hard cover, fold-over kind with snaps or velcro, and the plain zippered sleeved ones, so I set out to design my own. (Now, if someone finds an easy peesy tutorial for this on Pinterest, don’t even tell me because I’ll cry that I had to reinvent the dang wheel for nothing!)

photo (36)

Here it is unzippered and open. It has a simple pocket to the left, elastic on the right to hold the Ipad in place, and an eyelet for the camera.

Some of you are probably already wondering how this would protect an Ipad. Well I made the cover padded by quilting the outside fabric with batting underneath. I had some fun adding to it’s look by “stippling” the padded top fabric so that it would look extra puurty. Here’s an up close and personal pic so you can see what I mean:

photo (34)

I was sweating out the zipper part because I’d never done anything like that before and everything else was coming together so nicely. I would have been pretty heartbroken to get that far into the project, only to have the zipper part not work out or look right (since it’s one of the last steps in the whole process!) So Overall, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Anybody know where I can get different colored 30 inch zippers besides black and white?? That’s all I could find at Joann’s Sad smile.

Ok, the kiddo’s in bed so this momma needs to start working on his Halloween costume!

Night y’all.


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