Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eli’s first Easter…

Eli's first Easter 022
Like my artwork? I got skillz Smile with tongue out
What is it about dressing our little baby boys like old men or even “big boys” that is so fun and hysterical?? Ahhh I can’t stand the cuteness! Surprisingly, when I showed daddy Eli in this outfit he couldn’t stop saying how cute it was. Daddy approved, bonus! An even bigger bonus was when I decided to get my butt in gear and make this outfit the day OF our family gathering (he took 2 great naps), that I had all the supplies on hand. I found this plaid fabric in the remnant bin at Joannes a while back and it literally cost me next to nothing. The onesie I just pulled out of his drawer. I can’t say I really followed a pattern, mainly just wung it using the knowledge I had from previous projects. I was pretty excited to see my “vision” come to life though, surprisingly. My little gentleman. Sigh.
Eli's first Easter 020
I’ll point out my little get-him-to-smile-for-the-camera trick, See my hands? They’re pinching his highly ticklish inner thigh. Sneaky, sneaky Winking smile
In one attempt at getting the above shot, he was crawling away from me off the step, head down, butt in my quickly losing-my-grip hold, and I had this startled concerned, mouth agape face that totally looked like I just birthed him! Ha ha ha, not even kidding!. Steph and I had a good belly laugh at that one. You can thank me for sparing you. You’re welcome.
Eli's first Easter 021
My tall guy!
Eli's first Easter 011
You gotta watch Grandpa Terry closely. This was post cherry pie bite. Naturally he was a happy camper.
Well we had a lovely Easter eve with the Diede great grandparents and as usual stuffed our faces with tons of delicious food. Today we’ll be heading over to grandma Marilyn and grandpa Terry’s house for more Easter fun.
Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Easter with your families as well. Take care.

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