Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My little “walker” in his walker…

I had to post this video I took today of Eli in his walker. I forgot about this thing because daddy had it downstairs with him for when he had to watch Eli and work at the same time (those rare occasions). It dawned on me that Eli might actually enjoy it now that he’s taller and more mobile, and sure enough he used it to follow me all around the house! I swear I felt like I had a little shadow (and I had to be extra vigilant in protecting my poor ankles and toes from his reckless driving!)
LOVE that kid.
Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’ve been in the middle of reading Mayim Bialik’s (remember her from the show “Blossom”???) new book “Beyond the sling: A real life guide to raising confident, loving children the attachment parenting way” that just came out in March. Ok ladies, go to your local library and pick this book up ASAP! Wow. I plan to do a little review of it when I’m finished and I’d love to hear YOUR opinion on it as well. First off, google “Attachment parenting” to get a general understanding of what that’s all about if you’ve never heard of it and secondly, go now!
Some of the things she discusses:
-exclusively breastfeeding until 12months (absolutely no solids before then).
-“Elimination communication”, aka potty training your newborn. Yes, I said potty training your NEWBORN. (This topic alone should have you curious about this book, amirite?!?)
-Not doing ANY educating of their children like ABC books, flash cards, numbers & colors BEFORE THE AGE OF FIVE YEARS OLD.
Ok, so I don’t want to give the entire book away but I did want to suck you in by sharing how “out there” this book sounds. So what’s the significance of this lady writing this book you may ask?? Well, she’s got a PhD in neuroscience for one, and two, she explains how she too once raised her eyebrows at these hot topics and how she thought other women were crazy for parenting the way she and her husband have committed to raising their two boys.
Ok good little students, meet you back here in a couple of days to discuss our book reportsWinking smile.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute of Eli walking around in his walker. Love it.
I have requested the book and am anxious for it to come in. I was curious when you first told me about it and now I really want to know all about it.