Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My baby is NINE months old!!

Eli's 9 months old 006
And what a ham bone he is! I absolutely LOVE this gummy grin! Nice little shot of his toofers too Smile.
Eli's 9 months old 008
Excuse me momma, I’ve got places to go and people to see…
Eli's 9 months old 010
Yep, he just stood right up and balanced for 3 seconds before lunging head first into my waiting arms! Crazy kid!
Eli's 9 months old 007
He’s just showing off now. He started to think it was a game to stand up and lunge into momma’s arms, over and over again.
I’m now just a jungle gym with boobs. Sigh.
So here’s the good stuff:
Size: Well as you can see from the pictures, this kid is a string bean which blows my mind because he can EAT! At the doc’s office he weighed in at 17lb and 9oz and 27 3/4 long. The doctor said he’s doing well and that he’s right on his usual track. He’s still fitting into his usual clothes of a mixture of 6-9m and 12m clothes. The waist fits good with the smaller sizes but the length is better on the larger sizes. We’re still fitting nicely into size 4 diapers.
Likes: Standing! Anything that involves pulling himself up into a standing position. Crawling all over his visitors and/or momma, smiling, the remote, cellphones, watching the cars go by out the window while jumping in his jumper, people, stroller rides, playing peek-a-boo and receiving undivided attention.
Dislikes: Being laid down to have his diaper changed, not getting to chew on paper, taking too long to give him his food, having his hands and face washed after eating, naptime.
Feeding: Still nursing regularly, (although my supply is noticeably decreasing which was a major bummer to me, but I’ll tell you what his pediatrician said about this in tomorrow’s post) and he is now eating 3 big boy meals a day with snacks if needed. He still eats anything I give him but particularly gets excited if it’s a finger food and he can do it himself, (He looooooves his puffs) so I can’t say he has a favorite food. If it’s eatable, it’s his favorite Winking smile.  I’ve bought 3 different kinds of sippy cups and he hasn’t taken to a single one so still using bottles when I’m at work. I just picked up another brand today, so fingers crossed! If anyone out there has an awesome sippy cup you recommend, this momma is all ears.
Sleeping: Like a champ. I thank God for this because for those of you who know me, I LOVE my sleep. He never did adjusted to this latest time change so we’ve altered our schedule ahead an hour. So now he typically goes to bed at 8pm (unless he fought and skipped his afternoon nap, then he’s in bed by 7pm) and wakes up for the day around 7ish. This month he’s been routinely sleeping through that early am feeding he was stuck on, and can go until he wakes up for the day now. Even if he gets up earlier than 7am, he happily entertains himself in his crib until I go and get him around 8-8:30am (Some days he’s a little more tolerant of momma sleeping in than others Winking smile). He’s down to 2 naps a day, at 11am and about 4pm, averaging 2hrs in the morning and 1 hr in the afternoon.
Milestones: Gosh I feel like he’s grown by leaps and bounds in this area since last month! Last month he was “scooting” not even crawling, and now he’s an expert crawler, stander, and balancer. He pulls himself up with ease into a standing position, can raise his arms in the air when asked “how big is Eli? Soooo big!”, and he can give high fives. He just had his third bottom tooth pop through and I’m pretty sure a fourth bottom tooth is on it’s way in shortly.
Eli's 9 months old 014
This was an action shot. He certainly didn’t stay here long!
Eli's 9 months old 016
Come back here mister…
Eli's 9 months old 017
My pride and joy
Eli's 9 months old 009
Eli's 9 months old 011
Eli's 9 months old 013
The good ol’ remote, getting him to smile for the camera
Eli's 9 months old 024
Ta da! There’s my lovie in a nutshell Smile.
Night night all,

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Steph said...

He is such a HAPPY baby. I love that kid so much. Everything about him is entertaining. Awesome photographs too, good work without your assistant. Sorry I couldn't be there to help :-/