Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Play date success!!!

Yay! Finally Jac and I got the boys together for a successful play date! Woo hoo! They were both awake from their naps at the same time and now Eli is of an age where he can start to “play” with his buddy. They were pretty cute together. I just can’t get enough of that kid Parker. He’s always waving and saying “hi” or “gur-bye” with the BIGGEST cheesy grin that is guaranteed to melt your heart (or confirm that you have no heart and are therefor not human.) He also was very generous with the kisses. He kept dishin’em out to the dog, his momma, and the top of Eli’s head! I even managed to get one! He has a toy that plays music and demonstrated a few dance moves for us (he looked like he was in a marching band, sooo ca-uute!) but I couldn’t catch it on video, dang it! I DID however capture him giving kisses. Needless to say, I was thoroughly entertained by these two Smile. Here’s the video:
That’s her dog Manny in the video. He’s got to be the most lovable, cuddliest dog EVER. He’ll curl up right next to, if not on you to snuggle, lovesnapping in the sun, and being petted. So basically he’s the dog version of me. No wonder I love himWinking smile.
I sat down in his sunny spot in the playroom and he didn’t get angry with me, he just joined me:
He crawled right into my lap and made himself at home Smile
I remembered at the end of our play date how badly I wanted a group photo of us and of course waited until the minute before Eli was due for his nap to attempt to get it. Not smart. For example:
“Somebody burp me and put me to beeeeeeeddd! Waaah!” Ha ha. This photo of him makes me laugh. I’m so mean.
Sigh. Jac, remind me next time to get it at the beginning.
As I was pulling away, they were all standing there waving “gur-bye”. I thought “what a cute little family”:
Love them Smile
So Jac, do you think our boys will stay put and play monopoly jr from morning until dinner time in a boat in your garage like we did?! Ha! Yeah right! Gosh, we were so easy peasy to keep an eye on. All your mom had to do was look out her kitchen window and see we were exactly where we said we’d be, doing exactly what we said we’d be doing—lame sauce Winking smile J/k. Hope they take after us and not our hubbies.
Can’t wait for warmer weather and wagon time!
Ok, time to spend time with my hubby who just submitted his LAST MBA project last night and now has time to spend with me! Happy dance!

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