Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eli is so proud of himself….

Behold Eli’s dresser drawer:

photo (30)

Ok this one is for you Steph…Let me get everyone else up to speed on the significance of the above photo. Lately Eli has been doing really well with following instructions, particularly those of the clean-up-after-yourself variety. So anytime Eli does what daddy and I ask him to do (and Auntie Stephie & Grandma for that matter) we clap our hands and cheer really loudly for him, making it a big production. Then he BEAMS and starts clapping his hands all proud of himself. It’s seriously the cutest thing. (He even takes the wash rag out of my hands and wipes up his tray!)

So back to the photo. Tonight daddy and I are getting Eli ready for bed when he proceeds to open up his top drawer and pull anything within reach out and onto the floor, literally just flinging stuff all over. I said, “Eeeellliiiii. What are you doing?” (in my I-mean-business tone.) He looks at me like “what’s your problem momma? I’m just having fun and being curious…” So I tell him to stop pulling his clothes out and to put them back in the drawer. He looks at daddy to make sure I’m serious, and gives him the “can-you-believe-this-lady?!” look, and eventually bends over to pick up his flung jammy bottoms and shoves them back in the drawer. “Yaaaay Eli!!! Way to go bubs!” –frantic clapping of hands. He naturally beams and then starts to grab for anything to stick in the drawer as if to say “You think that was amazing?! Check this out! I can lift this big ol’ boot AND my plastic toy and stick it up there too!” Ha ha ha! It was the funniest thing ever! Daddy and I were rolling.

Seriously freakin’ LOVE that kid. Gah!

Night night loves,


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