Saturday, September 1, 2012

First bike ride!

Yesterday Eli and I went over to play with our buddies Jac and Parker and guess what we did?! Yes, I suppose the title helped you out, smarty-pants, we went on a bike ride Smile. Jac recently got a little bike trailer and so we strapped them in and road around the neighborhood. I seriously don’t think I’ve ridden a bike in yeeeears! And now I see why I didn’t miss it—my va-jay-jay (Ok so more like the space next to my va-jay-jay, the high, upper inner thigh part where the awful seat digs in. What’s the name of this “junction”? Heck I don’t even know) is killing me today. TMI??? Stupid bike seat **grumble, grumble**


Parker just chillin. My child is checkin’ out his surroundings


Just doin’ what they do—swapping sippy cups

I made jac take pics of them in here before we got started because they were just too cute. Initially, Eli had his arm around Parkers neck—just sitting there, waiting for the ride to start. But she is slow in the picture taking department and he moved it before she could get the adorable photo. (That’s ok, we can still be friends, Jac) Love these two.

I forgot what a workout bike riding is, especially since we went up hill the WHOLE way Winking smile. Poor Jac was the one who had to pull the boys. All I know is I was a hot, sweaty mess with thighs about to combust so I can’t imagine how she must have felt!


Well I can see how thrilling it was for MY kiddo…

IMAG0818 (1)

Passed out.

Thanks for the play date guys. Next time I vote the boys pull the mommas.


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