Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eli’s first “official” big boy food: Sweet potatoes. This one’s for you mom :)

I had gone to the Fresh Market last week and picked up an organic sweet potato for when I was going to start making Eli’s food. My baby food book says to make sweet potatoes (or yams) a staple in my baby’s diet because it’s a “nutrional powerhouse”, packed with beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins A & C and minerals iron & copper. Sure, why not. I didn’t want it to go bad and I can freeze it for up to 3 months, so I decided to make it tonight and see how he liked it. Can you guess if he did or not??
Heeeee did! He insisted on feeding himself though, so needless to say, his dinner ended with a bath. I didn’t realize what a messy process big boy food is! Yikes. Take a look at this kid:
christmas crafts 010
Sweet potato on his hands, pants, bumbo, sleeves, socks and of course, face.
I enlisted the help of daddy to take a video of this “first”. It’s over 2 minutes long so I apologize for that but if you stick it out until the 1:40 mark he laughs when I say I have a self sufficient eater. I just thought it was funny. (I know you will see it to the end mom…and Steph Winking smile)
Ok, now must get into full crafting mode to finish up all these Christmas gifts for my family now that Eli’s in bed!

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