Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!…er, boots I mean…

Eli literally LIVES in his homemade baby shoes since they are the only shoes that stay on AND they keep his socks on, score!Smile Well I knew the time would come but he’s almost outgrowing them…waaah! So I thought I would up grade him to boots. While he napped today I came up with a pattern and made him some boots out of fleece. I put the little gripper stuff on the bottom because he likes to stand but he certainly is nowhere near walking, so mainly just for aesthetic purposes. I’m pretty sure he may not even need socks with these things because it’s lined with fleece as well. Poor kid is gonna sweat!
So what do you think? Is he stylin’ or what?
They are lined with lime green fleece so that they go with his mittens. Well that was the plan anyway, but as you can see, once they are on, you can’t even see the lining. Oh well.
I also put elastic right around the ankle part on the inside to help keep them on, but being so tall, they may not even need that. I keep looking over at him wearing his boots and I can’t help smiling. That kid melts my heart.

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