Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mmmm. Sweet potatoes!

My plan is still to wait until 6 months to start “big boy” foods, but my book on making your own baby foods talks about how to assess if your baby is ready or not to try food. A couple signs it says to watch for: 1.) your baby shows interest in the things YOU are eating, 2.) He is wanting to put everything in his mouth and 3.) he is able to grasp at things to put in his mouth. Those are at least the things I can remember from the book, since it’s in Eli’s closet right now and he’s sleeping so I’m just going from memory. Well it seems like it was just overnight that he’s grown in so many ways! It’s exciting and heartbreaking at the same time (you moms of young ones know what I mean, I’m sure.) He is not rolling over, but the kid is a Wiggle.Worm! I now watch him rotate in his crib at different hours of the night until he’s inched himself around into a complete circle! He rolls onto his side all the time, he pushes up on his knees while on his belly, lifts up his butt while on his back, and he rides his bike ALL the time (a joke between the hubby and I—he kicks his legs frantically like he’s biking up a hill, ha ha.)
Well anywho, the point of all this is that very recently he seems so ready to eat big boy foods. He stares at me while I eat, watching the food go from his shirt my plate to my mouth. He his honing his pincher-grasp skill (It tickles me to watch him concentrate while picking up something) and has actively grabbed at food on my plate if within reach. So the other day, Auntie Stephie let him try some of her mashed potatoes and he liked it! Today I let him have some of the gooey part of my homemade sweet potato fries and he loved that too. He would fuss at me if I took too long to give him another bite! Here he is taking his first bite:
eating sweet potato 1
See the little stinker grabbing my hand and pulling it to his mouth?!
eating sweet potato 2
Mmmm, this is gooood!
My baby boy is growing up :/

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