Monday, December 26, 2011

Eli had a wonderful first Christmas…

My mom had all of us over on Christmas for lunch and presents and let me tell you, that kid was spuh-oy-UUlled. And he even surprised me at being an expert present opener. I’d tear a small piece so he could get ahold of it and then he’d go to town! He’d have that present unwrapped in no time at all. It was pretty cute to watch, if I do say so myself Smile. The only down side was that I had to rush after present opening to get to work. Boo, hiss! Oh well, they paid me a pretty penny to be there so it wasn’t too terrible.
christmas 020
Eli got some Christmas cash and because he just LOVES jumping in your lap when holding him, mommy made the judgment call to get him an activity jumper (Thanks Grandpa Don!) It’s got everything a little almost-6-month old could possibly want, except, I suppose a boob with milk in it Winking smile. He loves it. Oh and I couldn’t pass these puppies up when I saw them:
christmas 025
Such a cool cat in his new toy and shades.
The seat of this thing turns 360 degrees so it has plenty to hold his interest. It was funny watching him contort his upper body to reach a new toy and then realize it swiveled so he could face it-- And around and around he’d go Smile. Love that kid.
I tried to get a couple of family shots with Don & Eli and my hubby too but they turned out more comical than frame worthy. For example:
christmas 006
It looks like Eli is a flashlight shining in Don’s face. Ha ha. Makes me laugh out loud. Oh well.
Eli got a lot of cool stuff, but one thing I’m pretty excited about is the little radio flyer wagon grandma and grandpa got him for summer time strolls. It has the flip up seats for him and room for a buddy. So fun! Thank you everyone who made his first Christmas so special Smile.


LeslieFreeman said...

Sorry you had to work on Christmas and couldn't spend all day with Eli! I do love his new shades though! It reminds me of Carlos in The Hangover! Love it!!

Linds said...

I was wondering what you meant when you said that on facebook. ha ha. Too funny