Friday, December 2, 2011

My baby is FIVE months old!

Eli 5 months 013
Wow! Such a big boy! He’s getting leaner and longer, that’s for sure. It’s hard to tell in the pic above, with his fat man wrists and all.
Things have been going awesome. Aaron and I are always talking about the next one (even when he was in my belly we did that, it’s just what I do) and we joke that we should stop while we are ahead because he seriously is so great. We’re afraid it can only  go down hill from here. This kid has set the bar so freakin’ high…poor siblings.
Eli 5 months 001There’s my tall guy! (Beck, Steph says she see’s Kayla when he smiles. Now that she mentioned it, so do I. What do you think?)
Eli 5 months 002On the go!
Ok, so here are his details:
Size: Well now we see the doc every 2 months so I don’t have his exact height and weight for this month since I don’t own a scale. I can tell you however that he is growing out of his size 2 diapers, that he’s consistently wearing 6-9m clothing and he’s thisclose to having both feet touch the ground in his walker. He backed up the other day in it on his own :)
Likes: Still loving swim class and his carseat, putting anything and everything in his mouth, smiling, being around people, sucking/playing with his toes and watching the t.v (not that I put it on for him but if it’s on and he’s in the same room, he’ll strain his neck to get a peak and then just stare in awe for a while. I better start making sure it’s “baby friendly” stuff on the boob tube from now on.)
Dislikes: Being overtired and momma missing the “signs” (he starts to get more “vocal” and his little eyes get red rimmed). Other than that, no growth spurts this month so he’s been a happy camper for the most part. There still isn’t a whole lot that he doesn’t like.
Feeding: Not much has changed in this category since last month. I did however, bust out the making-your-own-baby-food book my friend Nicole got me when Eli was born and I’m pretty excited to try new foods for him next month. I plan to make my own and freeze them. We shall see how that goes next month. Right now, lovin’ how low maintenance he is…immensely. I have pulled out the spoons, freezer trays for the food, and the baby blender in anticipation though…
Sleeping: Again, no real change here either. We’re pretty set in our routine in the sleeping department. I’ll keep you posted the next month or two on whether he sleeps through that early morning feeding once he takes solids. He still goes down at 7pm, wakes up between 4-6am to eat and goes right back down then finally wakes up for the day between 8-9am.
Milestones: Still no rolling over independently, although if I give him a small shove, he rolls over easily. Not sure what he’s waiting for on that one. He has scooted and turned around in a complete circle before, just no rolling involved to do it. Ha ha. Also, now if I hold something out to him, he actively grabs at it instead of making me put it in his hands.
Eli 5 months 018 Speaking of those hands, sheesh, they sure did make this month’s photoshoot difficult! Golly, he kept picking at the sticker and playing with everything in sight and not looking at the camera. I gave Auntie Stephie the instructions to strip him down and put a onesie on while I gathered our “props” and I found this little lovely on the camera:
Eli 5 months 010Hellllooooo ladies!
Ha ha. This kid kills me.
Eli 5 months 016   Another one of my favorites….
And that’s all she wrote!

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