Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eli’s buddy Mason is finally here!!

My friend Sara finally had her baby on Friday, December 2, 2011, three weeks early, still weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 2oz! Yowza. I can’t imagine what he would have been if he was on time or late even! Although, this widdle guy is a peeeeaa-nut. (I think she may be lying about his size Winking smile. He he) I just don’t remember Eli being so itty bitty. Take a look for yourself:
mason 1
Look at all that dark hair like his daddy!
mason 7
…with his momma.
mason 3
Of course I had to get my time in holding him. He felt like he weighed 5lbs tops!
Eli was cute and is all ready to play with him. He kept petting his head but I had to hold him back a bit because he doesn’t know “gentle” (the kid has swatted at my face, knocking my glasses clear off my face before—the little stinker!)
mason 5
I swear my kid is not bald, he does have hair, its just reeeeally blonde and fine. I would know, I kiss and sniff that head hourly.
mason 6
I had to hold his hand, I wasn’t sure he would be able to be gentle. Look at the size difference! That’s Mason’s daddy holding Elimason 10
Don’t we all look like sisters? At the hospital, my sister was telling me the nurse walked in and said “oh you must be Sara’s sister, you look just like her”.
I’m happy to report that things are going great for their little family so far. He’s nursing like a champ and she has had no engorgement or nipple issues! Halleluiah! And daddy is so hands on. Gosh what a difference good daddies make. We sure are lucky ladies Smile 
I personally am so happy to have another mommy to have play dates with for the next 3 months while she’s on maternity leave. And although it’ll be a hike, I’m already trying to talk her into coming out to sycamore for free swim lessons since Eli and I love it so much Winking smile
Congrats Martin and Sara! I’m so giddy with excitement for you two!  You’re in for sooo much fun! I have no doubt in my mind, you will be phenomenal parents.
Love you all,

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