Saturday, March 17, 2012

Excuuuuuuse me mister?!

It’s started. And it’s so soon! I thought these things happened around 2 years old. You know, the whole terrible twos thing? Eli sassed me today. He kept crawling away from me into “no-babies” land and I kept telling him “no” and dragging him back. Well this is how he responded to that:
Little stink pot is right! So stinkin’ cute though so I’ll let this one slide Smile.
In other news, he’s completely, 100%, mobile now and into everything. This is his favorite spot lately. I’m just waiting for him to crawl right in:
sassy eli 001
sassy eli 002
sassy eli 003
Ha ha. He is SOOO fun! And showing a TON of personality these days Smile
I must say, being a “cautious” momma, this helmet thing turned out to be a blessing in disguise Winking smile. I used to joke with Aaron before getting pregnant about wanting my kid to wear a helmet while on a bike or anything “dangerous”, and he’d jump straight to “well if you could have your way, you’d just have him wear a bubble suit 24/7.” Well, now that you mention it…. I kid, I kid! Well sort of. Now I tell him that God was just answering the desires of my heart by forcing him to go along with a safety helmet because it’s prescribed by a doc. Ha ha ha. I get a lot of eye rolling from him..I don’t know why Smile with tongue out.
Alrighty, back to enjoying this awesome 70+ degree weather in March! Happy St. Patty’s day to you all.

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Cassi said...

That helmet will come in handy! This is the age when they start bumping their heads on everything! I love how you decorated it. So cute :)