Friday, March 2, 2012

My baby is EIGHT months old!!!

8 month photoshoot 003
And let me tell you, a goooood time! He is so fun and entertaining. The more his personality develops, the more exciting this whole growing process has been. His daddy and I get a kick out of pointing out the different characteristics he has of each of ours. For ex: He has his momma’s startle reflex (sorry kiddo), curiosity, and sense of humor, and daddy’s inability to understand the word “gentle”, his cheek dimple, and ability to curl his toes around stuff—just to name a few. Neither one of us will lay claim to Eli’s man farts or burps but I think we all know that goes without saying. *cough*he’s-a-boy*cough* Winking smile
8 month photoshoot 015
It amazes me how lean this kid is because you should see how he eats! He never did the “tablespoon” portion at first. He stops eating when I stop feeding him!8 month photoshoot 001
How’d this pic get in here? Oh yeah, he has momma’s long legs Smile
On to his stats:
Size: Well we don’t go back to the doctor until his 9 month well visit so I don’t have a lot to tell you here other than when I see him in other people’s arms I think to myself “dang, look at the size of that toddler!” and nursing him in our usual nook of the couch is getting cramped. He’s mainly in 9 month clothing and he’s back to being flat footed in his jumper since daddy raised it last month. He’s about to be too long for the 0-9month sleep sacks that he wears to bed so I’m now in the market for “big boy” jammies. Also I’ve moved him into size 4 diapers since that’s what I had in the house when we ran out of size 3’s and they fit him well.
Likes: eating, swimming, playing peek-a-boo, being around people, his car seat, and did I mention eating???
Dislikes: being overtired, people eating in front of him and not sharing, being put down for a nap when he’s “not ready”.
Feeding: I’m assuming you read my previous post about him eating everything and anything? Well, at this point, it seems nothing is off limits (I’ll take it!). It continuously amazes me the things he is willing to try and continues to eat. I don’t want him to be a picky eater like me, (I’m getting way better as I get older) so I’m exposing him to a wide variety of foods. Just to name a few new ones: green beans, parsnips, mango, broccoli, chicken, and turkey. I do a mixture of organic jars of baby food and homemade. We still nurse like usual, but now he’s getting 3 big boy meals a day as well. If we skip a meal, I don’t sweat it because of the fact that he still nurses regularly.
Sleeping: He does very well in this department and typically does 10-11hrs straight before waking up to eat and then goes back down for 2-3hrs more. This means he goes to bed around 6:45pm (his choice) and gets up around 4-6am, then up officially between 7-8am. The other day he slepted from 7pm-7:30am without needing an early morning feeding! So I know he can do it. He now sleeps in a wide variety of positions including belly and side. For the first 7months of his life he slept only on his back, turning his head side to side, and then all of a sudden, this week has tried out every sleeping position imaginable:
<<Laying on his side with his feet propped up on the side rails.


Laying on his belly with his butt propped>> up in the air. Not gonna lie, I woke up Aaron to see this one Smile
Milestones: Well most of you already know from previous posts but Eli has now sprouted not one, but TWO teeth. He gets around by scooting on his butt (this allows him to go forward) or on his belly (to go backward) and then rolls back and forth (to go sideways) so needless to say, he gets where he wants to go even if it isn’t via the conventional “crawling” method. He is however, up on all 4’s doing the rocking thing.
8 month photoshoot 025
Not the greatest pic but you can see his 2 teeth on the bottom here.
8 month photoshoot 009
8 month photoshoot 010
8 month photoshoot 006
8 month photoshoot 020
There you have it!
-Linds and Eli

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