Sunday, March 11, 2012

New craft project…

So I’m pretty excited about the new project I’m working on for Eli because I’ve been wanting one of these things for him for a while now. I checked on etsy and on average they go for $50. FIFTY buckarooskies?!?!!? Are you kidding me!? Not on your life. Operation I-must-make-my-own-for-free commence. If you know me, when I get a “vision” in my head about how I want something to turn out, it can be a miserable process until I see it through. Well so far, everything has gone without a hitch when there could have been a lot of set backs and troubles. Yay me! I’m thisclose to being done with it so hopefully I’ll do the big reveal tomorrow, but we’ll see. Just one last step to take care of and now that I’ve jinxed myself…
Here’s a preview of what’s been involved, and a shout out to my wonderfully understanding hubby, for allowing our kitchen to be a disaster zone for a few days and to my girl Jac for giving me her left over “black out” fabric she used for her kiddo’s curtains. Thanks lovies!
Can’t do a craft project without my beloved coffee drink. Hello Lova Smile
So? Any guesses? What in the world could it be using fabric, and paint, but not exactly be a sewing project…?
Night yall,


LeslieFreeman said...

Andrew is guessing is has something to do with Mickey!

Anonymous said...

Stretch canvas picture for his wall?
Nic J

Linds said...

You ladies are SOOOOOOO close :)

Linds said...
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