Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Standing,standing,dancing, and more standing…

I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately around these parts:
My big boy standing so tall.
Although he’s fighting his nap here, not gonna lie, I kinda like , strike that, LOVE being greeted like this Open-mouthed smile
He said to me, “mom, if I do a little jig for ya, will you get me out of this baby prison?” I told him it depended on how good it was and instructed him to “show me whatchugot”. Folks, without further ado, I give you Eli, my little master manipulator (I apologize for the quality and the email notification, mid video Smile with tongue out):

He got out of jail free.*Sigh*.
I know somebody who’s going na-nights early tonight!

1 comment:

Cinney said...

Loved the picture but loved the video more...ADORABLE!!!